7 Oct

FUNCHAL (PORTUGAL), 7 October 2011 – The strong top partnership between Youthstream and Italian Odeon TV keeps becoming stronger and stronger and this weekend Odeon TV will be broadcasting part of the utterly amazing FIM SuperMoto of Nations.

The presenter of “Il Processo al Gran Premio” (GP Trial), Miss. Veronique Blasi, will discuss about the SuperMoto Olympic Games on Sunday October 9th at 8:00pm (GMT +2) and she will not be alone while talking about it, in fact with her there is going to be Mr. Marco Ricciardi, TM Marketing Manager.

The best SuperMoto athletes, 23 Teams coming from all over the World and the exclusive MotorLand circuit. These were the key elements of the 2011 FIM SuperMoto of Nations record edition.

The most awaited worldwide appointment of the season took place in Alcañiz, Spain, last weekend where the strongest SuperMoto heroes met up and proudly represent their country trying to lead it to the glory.

This year’s SuperMoto of Nations will be well remembered by the protagonists themselves and by all the SuperMoto fans who follow the Sport worldwide, with the not to be missed chances of seeing the best of it transmitted all over the world by many broadcasters.





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