2 Oct

Before facing rivals in the battle for the victory of the Francesco Zerbi Trophy, this morning all the Teams attending the 2011 SuperMoto of Nations were officially presented to the crowd.

During the Opening Ceremony Mr. Antonio Gasion, MotorLand CEO, and Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM CMS Director, welcomed the 23 teams together with their respective 3 best representatives with Bruno Jean-Jacques, Team Manager of the defending French nation, giving back the Francesco Zerbi Trophy. After the ceremonial riders were back on seat of their machineries to face the most tough day of the whole racing weekend.

After Saturday’s qualifying only 15 countries secured a place in today’s races and they were: France, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Slovenia, France Junior, Austria, Argentina, Sweden, Estonia and Russia. The others missing from the list, Spain Junior, Great Britain Junior, Brazil, Finland Junior, Latvia, Portugal, Lithuania and Norway, had their last chance in this morning’s B Final and Team Great Britain Junior was the squad which starred.





FIM SuperMoto of Nations

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