16 Feb
FUNCHAL (PORTUGAL), 16 February 2011 - Youthstream announces the list of Teams committed to race the entire World and European SuperMoto Championships in 2011. The list concerning the official riders will be published soon. Please find below the list of the 2011 FIM S1 and UEM Open Teams: Team PMR H2O | Aprilia Team Fast Wheels | Aprilia Team SHR | Honda Team HM Honda Racing | Honda Team TDS - FAOR | Honda Team Union Bike | Honda Team IFG | Honda Team Freccia | Honda Team Zupin Husqvarna | Husqvarna Team Ignorant | Kawasaki Team Eprotech Utag | KTM Team JM Racing | KTM Team Motoracing | KTM Team 747 Motosport | KTM Team Rigo Racing | Suzuki Team Lux Performance | Suzuki Team Pergetti Racing | Suzuki Team TM Racing Factory | TM Team V2 Racing | Yamaha Team Dream | Yamaha
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