28 Aug

TRISCINA (ITALY), 28 August 2011 – The SuperMoto Grand Prix of Sicily qualifying day hosted the presentation of Team Italy for the 2011 FIM SuperMoto of Nations. Yesterday, after the time practice sessions, the coach of the Italian Team and former SMoN winner, Attilio Pignotti, introduced the squad and the riders he will lead.

Suzuki Valenti Lux Performance Christian Ravaglia, TDS Faor Massimo Beltrami and Freccia Team Teo Monticelli are the three racers who will line-up at the coming SuperMoto of Nations and will battle it out for the victory. The trio will try to honor its country by grasping the 3rd Italian success after Italy’s 2006 and 2008 triumphs.

The recruitment was carefully done so that the Team created is a very balanced one: two experienced veterans of the Sport and athletes of the Fiamme Oro, the Official Sportive Group of the Italian Police, with a lot of things to teach to young and promising Teo Monticello, star of the 2011 UEM European Championship. Despite Ravaglia and Beltrami already took part in this manifestation in the past, they are all feeling Teo Monticelli’s emotions and pride of being in for Team Italy.

The three national riders will be taking part in the most exclusive event of the SuperMoto season on the October 2nd weekend in Spain, at the Motorland circuit of Alcañiz where they will show off the strategies wisely planned by their coach and will also be supported by Andrea Barbieri, the FMI Motocross and SuperMoto Coordinator.

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