8 Feb

FUNCHAL (PORTUGAL), 8 February 2011 – In order to clarify the October 2010’s announcement when Youthstream presented its partnership with service provider DBO for the SuperMoto World and European Championships (see below), Youthstream underlines that Youthstream is the company managing the exclusive television, marketing and promotional worldwide rights of the SuperMoto World and European Championships.

DBO will just carry out some services in the likes of the Youthstream SuperMoto Department for the promotion of the SuperMoto World and European Championships starting from Busca, Italy, on the April 3 weekend.

DBO has a solid experience in the sport by organizing the SuperMoto Italian series, which have been recognized as one of the best National SuperMoto Championships in the World. It is for this reason that Youthstream has relied on DBO to cooperate together and continue improving the SuperMoto World and European Championships.

Shortly, all the Youthstream’s SuperMoto department contacts will be available on the Youthstream website.

Quoting the October 2010 Press Release:

Youthstream and DBO together for the future of SuperMoto

FUNCHAL (PORTUGAL), 18 October 2010 – Youthstream announces a new agreement with Italian Promoter DBO where the latter will make several services on behalf of Youthstream for the promotion of the SuperMoto World Championship and of the SuperMoto European Championship. DBO will have the right to deal with sponsors, organizers, suppliers, teams and circuits on Youthstream’s behalf, while Youthstream will remain the rights holder and will supervise and produce the Championships.

Having been a long-term and loyal partner of Youthstream’s by organizing all Grand Prix’s on Italian soil, now DBO will more actively support Youthstream in promoting the whole SuperMoto World Championship and SuperMoto European Championship. Furthermore the goal of reducing the costs and optimizing the services –in relation to SuperMoto’s market value- has been set for the forthcoming season of racing.

The 2011 calendars will be released soon.





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