30 Jan

FUNCHAL (PORTUGAL), 30 January 2011 - Marco Cavallini, the owner of Golden Tyre, explained their plans concerning the short and medium term in front of some motorcycle manufacturers and a good number of teams. One of the aims is the development of the product working in close collaboration with riders, so in this way it will be possible producing even more highly performing tyres maintaining affordable prices.

The compounds that will be used at the beginning of the season will be the same of 2010, but starting from the second round of the World Championship, which will take place in Pleven (Bulgaria) on May 29th, the new RACING compound will be introduced. The latter can be immediately booked at and it will be available by the end of February.

In order to facilitate the use of the new compounds and to find the best feeling and bike set up, Monday after the first round of the World Championship, scheduled in Busca (Italy), will be a testing day during which it will be possible purchasing and testing the new RACING tyres.

Everybody was also satisfied with the confirmation of the Golden Tyre Bonus, which is increased to 36.000 Euros.




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