23 Oct

Alcarras (Spain) 23 October 2016 - In warm and sunny conditions the 2016 edition of the Supermoto of Nations took place at the Circuito d’Alcarras in Alcarras Spain. The many spectators alongside the racetrack saw some exciting races between the Nations. Like last year Team France with Thomas Chareyre, Lauren Fath and Sylvain Bidart took the overall victory before Team Czech Republic and Team Germany. In the Juniors Nations cup it was the Spanish Junior team who took the win.

RACE 1 (Riders 1 + Riders 2)

After the opening ceremony at 12:00 hours it was time for the first race of the 2016 Supermoto of Nations in Alcarras. In the first race riders number one and two from each country took place on the grid. At the start it was Team France rider Laurent Fath who took the hole shot followed by Team Czech Republic rider Milan Sitniansky and Team France rider Thomas Chareyre who had to start from 17th position on the grid. Just behind the top ten a big crash happened in the first tight corner with lots of riders like Spanish rider David Gimenez and Czech rider Pavel Kejmar. Luckily everybody was able to start their bikes again and resume the race. In front of the race, Chareyre passed Czech rider Sitniansky for second place right behind his teammate Laurent Fath. In fourth place Team Germany rider Michael Kartenberg was chased from behind by the strong Brazilian rider Rafael Fronseca and Swiss rider Kevin Tschumperlin. Behind the top five Team Belgium rider Kevin Vieillevoye was moving fast through the field placing him from tenth place in the first corner to number seven after three laps. In front of the race the World champion Thomas Chareyre passed his young teammate in the third lap and took over first place. Behind the two French riders Sitnianksy was still in third position now followed by German rider Kartenberg who passed Fonseca in the race. Unfortunately for the Brazilian he had to retire from the race. Meanwhile Belgium rider Vieillevoye was still moving up and had his own battle with Swiss riders Tschumperlin and Gotzl. In the end of the race he managed to stay in front of the two fast Swiss riders, who at their time where chased by Team Spain Junior rider Ferran Cardus. With three laps to go the Spanish managed to pass both Tschumperlin and Gotzl for sixth position in the race. Czech rider Pavel Kejmar was riding a good race as well after his crash at the start. At the end of the race he finished in ninth position. In the lead Chareyre had a comfortable lead on Fath and Sitniansky. The French TM rider controlled the race and finished the race in first position followed by his fellow countryman Lauren Fath. A perfect start for Team France. Czech rider Milan Sitniansky completed the top three. The circumstances of the first race where difficult for men and machine as only 19 riders crossed the finish line in Alcarras.

RACE 1 TOP TEN: 1. CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA, TM) 15 laps in 20:01.721; 2. FATH Laurent (FRA, Honda) +08.907; 3. SITNIANSKY Milan (CZE, Honda) +19.953; 4. KARTENBERG Michael (GER, KTM) +22.246; 5. VIEILLEVOYE Kevin (BEL, KTM) +38.427; 6. CARDUS Ferran (ESP, Suzuki) +39.820; 7. GOTZL Randy (SUI, Kawasaki) +42.259; 8. TSCHUMPERLIN Kevin (SUI, Yamaha) +43.713; 9. KEJMAR Pavel (CZE, Husqvarna) +49.378; 10. PALS Patrik (EST, TM) +51.353

TEAMS TOP TEN: 1. France Pts. 3; 2. Czech Republic Pts. 12; 3. Switzerland Pts. 15; 4. Germany Pts. 19; 5. Spain Jr Pts. 20; 6. Belgium Pts. 21; 7. Spain Pts. 25; 8. Estonia Pts. 27; 9. Germany Jr Pts. 30; 10. Switzerland Jr Pts. 44

RACE 2 (Riders 2 + Riders 3)

The second race of the day at Alcarras circuit was between the number two and number three riders of each country. For Team Germany it was Marc-Reiner Schmidt who took the hole shot into the first tight corner followed by Team France rider Laurent Fath and Team Brazil rider Rafael Fonseca who had again a great start of his race. Behind the top three Team Czech Republic riders Milan Sitniansky and Petr Vorlicek had a good start together with Belgium rider Romain Kaivers and the Swiss riders Randy Gotzl and Patrick Tellenbach. The second rider of Team France, Sylvain Bidart had to start from 17 position but soon he made his up to the top ten of the race. In front Schmidt showed some impressive speed and after a few laps in the race he managed to create a gap to second rider Fath and his follower Fonseca. The Brazilian rider didn’t have any problems this race and showed that his first strong race wasn’t coincidence. Halfway the race French rider Sylvain Bidart moved up the field to sixth position passing the Belgium rider Kaivers, the Swiss riders and Team Spain junior rider Gerard Bailo who was riding a good and steady race in eight position. Behind the top three Czech rider Vorlicek overtook his fellow countryman Sitnianky with a few laps to go and moved up to fourth position behind the leading trio. In the meantime Bidart tried his very best to close the gap towards Sitniansky but the Czech rider didn’t make any mistakes and kept the pushing Frenchmen behind him. Belgium rider Romain Kaivers in the meantime was still in seventh position in the race but only one second before Spain junior rider Bailo who kept the pressure on. Behind the top eight the Swiss riders Gotzl and Tellenbach where fighting for every meter of the track but it was Austrian rider Robert Gattinger who surprised them and took tenth position and put himself in between the Swiss riders. In the lead Marc-Reiner Schmidt took no risks anymore and controlled the race until the finish line. On eight seconds of the leader, Team France rider Laurent Fath crossed the finish line in second position. Brazilian rider Rafael Fonseca didn’t have bad luck this race and completed the top three in race two. Czech Republic riders Vorlicek and Sitniansky finished at the end in fourth and fifth. After race two Team France was still comfortable in the lead before Czech Republic and Switzerland.

RACE TOP TEN: 1. SCHMIDT Marc Reiner (GER, TM) 15 laps in 19:58.076; 2. FATH Laurent (FRA, Honda) +08.478; 3. FONSECA Rafael (BRA, Suzuki) +1 Lap; 4. VORLICEK Petr (CZE, Suzuki) +22.353; 5. SITNIANSKY Milan (CZE, Honda) +1 Lap; 6. BIDART Sylvain (FRA, Honda) +25.815; 7. KAIVERS Romain (BEL, KTM) +35.368; 8. BAILO Gerard (ESP, Suzuki) +36.432; 9. GOTZL Randy (SUI, Kawasaki) +1 Lap; 10. GATTINGER Robert (AUT, KTM) +4 Laps

TEAMS TOP TEN: 1. France Pts. 11; 2. Czech Republic Pts. 21; 3. Switzerland Pts. 35; 4. Belgium Pts. 47; 5. Spain Jr Pts. 49; 6. Germany Pts. 50; 7. Spain Pts. 54; 8. Estonia Pts. 57; 9. Germany Jr Pts. 63; 10. Austria Jr Pts. 73

RACE 3 (Riders 1+Riders 3)

The last race of the day was for the riders of group one and group three. With French riders Thomas Chareyre and Sylvain Bidart, Czech rider Pavel Kejmar and German rider Marc-Reiner Schmidt it was a strong group of riders for this race. At the start it was Chareyre who took the hole shot in front of Kejmar, Team Germany rider Jan Deitenbach, Team Spain rider Ferran Cardus and Swiss rider Patrick Tellenbach. German rider Marc-Reiner Schmidt had to start from halfway the field but he had also a good start and entered the first corner in seventh position right behind Spanish rider Joan Llados. Thomas Chareyre decided from start not too waste any time and already after a few laps he left Kejmar behind him. Behind the first two riders Schmidt was already moved up to third position passing Cardus, Tellenbach and his fellow countryman Deitenbach. The other French rider Sylvain Bidart was also pushing hard and after his eight position in the first lap he also quickly passed Deitenbach and Cardus and moving to fourth position in the race. In the lead Chareyre was still riding strong lap times making no mistakes at all. Behind Chareyre, Schmidt closed his gap to Kejmar and in lap eight he passed the Czech rider taking second position in the race. On his turn Kejmar tried to keep up with Schmidt but the speed of the young German rider was too high and he had to let him go after a few laps. Further down the field Spanish riders Cardus and Llados where having their own fight together with the second German rider Deitenbach who lost some positions after his strong start. In eight position Swiss rider Tellenbach got company from the German Junior rider Max Bahnholzer who had a good race coming from twelfth at the start. The young German tried until the last lap too overtake Tellenbach, but on the finish line he was just 00:398 seconds short of taking the eight position. In front of the race Schmidt was closing slowly in on Chareyre, but the Frenchman was in full control and crossed the finish line in first place taking again the victory for Team France. On 9.406 seconds Schmidt finished in second for Team Germany. In third position it was Czech rider Kejmar who completed the podium of the last race, followed on 4.183 seconds by Team France rider Bidart. Behind the top four, two Spanish riders were having their own race chasing each other lap after lap for fifth position. With three laps to go Llados passed Cardus at the end of the long straight of the track making him fifth and Cardus sixth.

With the victory of Chareyre and the fourth place of Bidart, Team France did it again and won the 2016 Supermoto of Nations. Team Czech Republic took second place on the podium which was completed by Team Germany.

RACE TOP TEN: 1. CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA, TM) 15 laps in 19:46.518; 2. SCHMIDT Marc Reiner (GER, TM) +09.406; 3. KEJMAR Pavel (CZE, Husqvarna) +23.778; 4. BIDART Sylvain (FRA, Honda) +27.961; 5. LLADOS Joan (ESP, TM) +39.535; 6. CARDUS Ferran (ESP, Suzuki) +41.020; 7. DEITENBACH Jan (GER, Suzuki) +43.754; 8. TELLENBACH Patrick (SUI, Husqvarna) +46.088; 9. BANHOLZER Max (GER, Yamaha) +46.486; 10. HODGSON Christopher (GBR, Husqvarna) +46.850

TEAMS TOP TEN: 1. France Pts. 10; 2. Czech Republic Pts. 24; 3. Germany Pts. 29; 4. Switzerland Pts. 43; 5. Spain Jr Pts. 52; 6. Belgium Pts. 55; 7. Spain Pts. 59; 8. Germany Jr Pts. 64; 9. Estonia Pts. 77; 10. Austria Jr Pts. 79

Complete results available HERE


Circuit length: 1478 mt (1015 mt Asphalt, 463 mt Off-Road)
Temperature: 23 °
Weather conditions: Sunny
Crowd attendance: 4.000

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