15 Jan

Turin (Italy) 15 January 2016 – Continues the partnership between JUST1 and BPROM, a cooperation from several years and which involves the helmets' company in Supermoto European and World Championship.

JUST1 Helmets, founded by Tony Amoriello in late 2011, has signed a major joint venture in October 2013 with the Asian giant H&H Sports Protection Group Ltd.

This merger allowed to join the Italian design with production efficiency typical of large Asian manufacturers.

H&H Sports Protection Group Ltd has today two major production units, one in Shanghai where they produce fiber helmets high range and one in Dong Guan where they produce thermoplastic helmets.

It has about 2,000 employees with an annual production of about 1,500,000 helmets, as well as a subsidiary in the USA in Los Angeles following the entire North American market while the rest of the world is followed by the European branch, placed in Italy, except the Chinese market that is followed directly by the Shanghai’s headquarter.

Just1 Helmets, in its fifth year, has already achieved important commercial goals and is now present on all major markets of the world, as well as important sports goals with the various National, European and World titles achieved among them the victory of MX2 World Championship Title in 2015 with the strong Slovenian rider Tim Gajser.

Tony Amoriello, General Manager of H&H Sports Protection Group, commented: "..... The merger with this group gave me the opportunity to realize what I had in mind. I’m satisfied with the results we are getting in the markets and at sport level too although, as said a great Italian, the best victory is that I still have to achieve .... ".

In the photo: Just1 factory view



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