10 Oct

The FIM carried out fuel tests during the FIM SuperMoto World Championship round held in Villena (ESP) on 11 and 12 June, 2015.
Samples were taken from the following riders: Thomas Chareyre, Iker Le Cuona, Christian Ravaglia, Sorin Traistaru, Ivan Lazzarini, Valerio Ocampo Piedramita, Pavel Kejmar, Lukas Höllbacher, Teo Monticelli, Massimiliano Verderosa and Milan Sitniansk. All these samples were found to be in compliance with the physical properties for unleaded fuel, as stated in the 2015 FIM Technical Regulations for Motocross (Art. 63.01).

The samples of Asseri Kingelin and Devon Vermeulen were found to exceed the maximum value of 3.7 % (m/m) for total Oxygen, and therefore not to be in compliance with the 2015 FIM Technical Regulations for Motocross, including SuperMoto (Art.63.01). Their samples were taken during the event (on 12 June, after Race 1).
In view of the fact that the results of the final analysis (“C” Sample) failed to meet the technical requirements, the FIM Stewards Panel, composed of Messrs Jean-Yves Desplaces and Javier Ferrandis, took the decision to apply art. 43.26.4 (2015 FIM SuperMoto World Championship Regulations).
As a result, Asseri Kingelin and Devon Vermeulen are disqualified from the whole event (Villena - IMN 208/05) and will forfeit all points earned from this event. The riders will also be liable for reimbursement of the full costs of the test. This decision is final.

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In the photo: Devon Vermeulen


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