2 Oct

Jesolo (Italy) 2 October 2015 - Everything is ready at Pista Azzurra, the Italian track 30 km far from Venice, to host the 10th edition of the FIM Supermoto of Nations; the circuit where Thomas Chareyre was crowned Supermoto World Champion hosted the last Grand Prix of the 2014 season.
Eighteen teams coming from fifteen different countries will line up this week-end to beat Team France that currently holds the Zerbi’s Trophy.

The defending Champions, victorious in 2007, 2011 and 2014, will do their best to reconfirm the top position; this year the team manager Sébastien Bonnal decided to do not change the 2014 roster, so that the three confirmed riders for Team France are the SM World Champion Thomas Chareyre, his brother Adrien Chareyre and the French SM Champion Sylvain Bidart.
Massimo Beltrami, the Team Italy team manager and former SMoN winner in 2012, selected for the hosting Nation Ivan Lazzarini, Christian Ravaglia and for the first time Andrea Occhini to repeat the best results as was in 2006, 2008, 2012 and 2013. Team Italy has the bitter sweet feeling of the second place from last season, so climb on top of the podium will be their goal for this event; they’ll surely be supported by the several home fans that will rush here in Jesolo.
Team Germany that achieved the third step of the podium last year, has a completely new squad: Jan Deitenbach, Michael Kartenberg and Philipp Prestel.
Team Finland last season was not able to reach the podium so Asseri Kingelin, Sami Salstola and Toni Klem will do their best to get it.
Team Czech Republic took his maiden podium in Portimao in 2012 and the team is determined to reconfirm this position with Petr Vorlicek, Pavel Kejmar and Milan Sitniansky.
Team Austria is among one of the favorites squad, with Lukas Höllbacher, Rudolf Bauer and Manuel Hagleitner.

Team Great Britain last year finished seventh and with Lewis Cornish, Jay Smith and Scott Murray will do his best to give his country the chance to finish on the podium like it was in 2006, 2007 and 2011. Team Great Britain put together two teams, alongside the main team there’s also a Junior team.
Three Junior Teams complete the top ten: Germany, Italy and Austria Junior.

Among the 18 Teams taking part in this 10th edition of the FIM Supermoto of Nations, there are other Nations like Sweden, Estonia, Slovenia, Poland, the comeback after many years of Denmark and, for the first time ever, Serbia.

CLICK HERE to see the complete entry list of the 2015 FIM Supermoto of Nations.


Saturday: GROUP RIDERS 1 Free Practice 10.40; GROUP RIDERS 2 Free Practice 11.25; GROUP RIDERS 3 Free Practice 12.10; GROUP RIDERS 1 Time Practice 13.00; GROUP RIDERS 2 Time Practice 13.45; GROUP RIDERS 3 Time Practice 14.30; GROUP RIDERS 1 Qualifying Race 15.30; GROUP RIDERS 2 Qualifying Race 16.30; GROUP RIDERS 3 Qualifying Race 17.30.

Sunday: SMoN Qualified Teams 1 Warm Up 9.30; SMoN Qualified Teams 2 Warm Up 10.00; Open Ceremony 12.00; SMoN Race 1 (Rider 1+ Rider 2) 13.00; SMoN Race 2 (Rider 2 + Rider 3) 14.40; SMoN Race 3 (Rider 1+ Rider 3) 16.20; Prize Giving Ceremony

In the photo: Pista Azzurra view


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