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Melk (Austria) 19 September 2015 – The final S1GP and S2 European Championship makes a welcome return to Austria this weekend at the circuit of Melk where newly crowned S2 champion Marc Reiner Schmidt planned to make his S1GP debut in front of his home fans. Unfortunately for him, an injured hand has ruled him out but there will be other home support though in the form of Lukas HOELLBACHER.

With the Title still to be decided in S1GP all eyes will be on Thomas CHAREYRE and Ivan LAZZARINI, the Italian looking to overhaul a thirteen-point deficit to the Frenchman.
In S2 second place is still up for grabs where Fabrizio BARTOLINI will be looking to fend off the challenge from Diego MONTICELLI and Toni KLEM.

Even though it was only Free Practice, there were one or two surprises where local rider Rudolf BAUER topped the timing sheets on his final lap, edging out TM Racing Thomas Chareyre by one tenth of a second. HONDA L30 Ivan LAZZARINI was third with HUSQVARNA HOELLBACHER fourth.
In the second Free Practice session CHAREYRE bounced back but still couldn’t shake off the flying Austrian’s of Lukas HOELLBACHER and Hannes MAIER as Title challenger LAZZARINI struggled in sixth.

In the Timed Practice Rudolf BAUER was the early pacesetter from Ivan LAZZARINI with Thomas CHAREYRE keeping a watching brief over the riders ahead of him with a benchmark time of fifth. It wasn’t long though before Lazzarini and Chareyre jumped to the top of the charts, the Italian looking to gain an early advantage over his French rival.
With just under fifteen minutes to go Lukas HOLLBACHER jumped up to second, pushing Chareyre down to third and two laps later Rudolf Bauer leapt to third, pushing the championship leader down to fourth. A lap later BAUER was top of the charts and with ten minutes remaining there were suddenly three Austrians in the top four with Bauer and Hannes MAIER taking the top two positions and Hoellbacher in fourth.
But it was short lived as Lazzarini and HONDA Freccia Monticelli rebounded back to third and fourth, leaving Chareyre in sixth and in danger of missing the Superchrono session for the first time in his career.
Then, out of nowhere, the Championship leader put his TM on top with a time almost three quarters of a second faster than Bauer’s, whilst HUSQVARNA 833 Racing Pavel KEJMAR, who had been pretty dormant in the first part of the session suddenly came alive and rocketed to third.
When the flag fell, the top six going through to Superchrono were Thomas Chareyre, Rudolf Bauer, Pavel Kejmar, Lukas Hoellbacher, Ivan Lazzarini and Hannes MAIER making it three Austrians on the first two rows of the grid.

In the Superchrono Thomas Chareyre wasted no time in stamping his authority, sending a clear message to Ivan Lazzarini that he is ready to race for the title on Sunday. The Frenchman’s time was 0.741s quicker than second placed Rudolf Bauer who was the first of three Austrians. Hannes Maier and Lukas Hoellbacher were third and fourth while Lazzarini struggled for pace in fifth, almost a full second down on Chareyre. Pavel Kejmar was sixth.
So, with a World title on the line and with three Austrians on the front two rows the S1GP of Austria looks set to be a good one.

S1GP Qualifying Super Chrono:
1. CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA, TM) 01:21.203; 2. BAUER Rudolf (AUT, KTM) 01:21.944; 3. MAIER Hannes (AUT, KTM) 01:21.970; 4. HOLLBACHER Lukas (AUT, Husqvarna) 01:21.994; 5. LAZZARINI Ivan (ITA, Honda) 01:22.197; 6. KEJMAR Pavel (CZE, Husqvarna) 01:22.385;


HONDA L30 Racing Yuri GUARDALA set the pace in the first free practice session but once again the Austrians proved to be a force to be reckoned with with Bernhard HITZENBERRER and Manuel HAGLEITNER rounding out the top three. In the second session it was once again Gaurdalà who set the pace from SUZUKI SHR Petr VORLICEK and TM Racing Toni KLEM.

In the Timed Practice Manuel HAGLEITNER was the surprise of S2 seeting the pace with a time 0.3 quicker than Petr VORLICEK. Third was one of the challengers for second in the Championship, Toni KLEM, the Finn 0.3s faster than his nearest challenger for Championship position HONDA Assomotor Fabrizio BARTOLINI. HONDA Freccia Diego MONTICELLI was sixth.

S2 Qualifying top ten:1. HAGLEITNER Manuel (AUT, KTM) 01:23.042; 2. VORLICEK Petr (CZE, Suzuki) 01:23.381; 3. KLEM Toni (FIN, TM) 01:23.570; 4. GUARDALA' Yuri (ITA, Honda) 01:23.649; 5. BARTOLINI Fabrizio (ITA, Honda) 01:23.884; 6. GIMENEZ David (ESP, Suzuki) 01:24.097; 7. MONTICELLI Diego (ITA, Honda) 01:24.149; 8. AMODEO Mickael (FRA, Yamaha) 01:24.182; 9. LAPINI Lorenzo (ITA, Honda) 01:24.489; 10. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) 01:24.702

Complete results available HERE


Circuit length: 1903 mt (1677 mt Asphalt, 226 mt Off-Road)

Temperature: 22°

Weather conditions: Cloudy

The Grand Prix of Austria will be broadcasted delayed, by clicking HERE you will obtain the full tv list

Sunday: S2 Warm Up 10.30; S1GP Warm Up 11.00; S2 Race1 12.30; S1GP Race 1 13.30; S2 Race2 15.30; S2 Prize-giving Ceremony; S1GP Race2 16.30; S1GP Prize-giving Ceremony

In the photo: Thomas Chareyre on pole

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