25 Apr

Ottobiano (Italy) 25 April 2015 – Under cloudy skies and with temperatures around 20 degrees the second GP of the 2015 FIM SuperMoto World Championship season along with round two of the Supermoto European Championship burst into life in a similar fashion to how the opening race of the season finished three weeks ago, with Mauno HERMUNEN and Marc REINER SCHMIDT setting the pace in S1GP and S2 classes respectively. That was until Thomas CHAREYRE decided to spoil the party in S1GP.


When Mauno HERMUNEN entered the paddock with the championship leaders red number plate attached to his TM he did so with the air of confidence you would expect from the rider who raced to a double-win victory in Spain, and it was he who struck first in the first free practice session with a time (1:31.07) less than three-tenths quicker than his fiercest rival Thomas CHAREYRE (1:31:320). The surprise package from Free Practice 1 was the Dutchman Devon VERMEULEN (1:31.435) who was less than a half-second slower than Hermunen in third.

In the second free practice though, Thomas CHAREYRE had upped his pace considerably and his time of 1:29.995 was too good for Hermunen (1:30.361) to match so it was going to be an interesting timed practice session to say the least. Pavel KEJMAR, Edgardo BORELLA and Lukas HOLLBACHER all kept pace with the championship leader Hermunen.

If the second free practice session was something of a confidence booster for Thomas CHAREYRE then his performance in Timed Practice could be described as soul-destroying as he once again topped the timing sheets with the only ‘sub-thirty’ time of the session; his time of 1:29.717 was almost seven tenths quicker than that set by Ivan LAZZARINI who was second and Lukas HOELLBACHER who was third. More importantly for Chareyre though was that Mauno HERMUNEN could only manage fourth with a time that was almost eight tenths off the pace. But with the top six riders going through to the Superchrono session shortly after the timed practice, would the championship leader have enough time to figure out how to get his TM back on to the front row?

While the answer to the previous question was a resounding ‘yes’ Hermunen still found himself wanting as Thomas CHAREYRE set the fastest time of the weekend with a blisteringly fast 1:28.943 which saw him clear the Finn by 0.320 seconds, but the two title contenders would start alongside each other on the front row. Lining up next to them was Pavel KEJMAR who also lapped in the 1:29 zone. Heading up row two with the fourth fastest time will be Ivan LAZZARINI while Lukas HOLLBACHER and Andrea OCCHINI completed the second row.

S1GP Qualifying Super Chrono:Thomas Chareyre (FRA- TM) +01:28.943; 2. Mauno Hermunen (FIN-TM) +01:29.263; 3. Pavel Kejmar (CZE-HUSQVARNA) +01:29.984; 4. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-HONDA) +01:29.998; 5. Lukas Hoellbacher (AUT-HUSQVARNA) +01:30.129; Andrea Occhini (ITA-HONDA) + 01: 30.13

Arriving here in Ottobiano as the S2 European Championship points leader, Marc REINER SCHMIDT wasted no time in picking up where he left off by setting the fastest times in both of the free practice sessions today ahead of the official Timed Practice session, edging out Toni KLEM and Mattia MARTELLA in Free Practice 1 and Giovanni BUSSEI and MARTELLA in Free Practice 2, once again showing that he will be the rider to beat at this second round.

And when it came down to business the German TM rider’s time of 1:31.465 was almost two and a half seconds quicker than his nearest rival Yuri Guardala’ with Giovanni Bussei three tenths further back to complete the front row. The Swiss rider Kevin TSCHUMPERLIN surprised a few of the S2 regulars as he guided his Yamaha to a very impressive fourth place to head up the second row with Fabrizio BARTOLINI and Petr VORLICEK taking fifth and sixth respectively.

S2 Qualifying top ten:Schmidt Marc-Reiner (GER-TM) +01:31.465; 2. Guardalà Yuri (ITA-HONDA) +01:33.898; 3. Bussei Giovanni (ITA-TM) +01:34.213; 4.Tschumperlin Kevin ( SUI-YAMAHA) +01:34.263; 5. Bartolini Fabrizio (ITA-HONDA) +1:34.397; 6. Vorlicek Petr (CZE-SUZUKI) +01:34.404; 7. Klem Toni (FIN-TM) +01:34.588; 8. Gimenez David +01:34.777 (ESP-SUZUKI) 9. Martella Mattia (ITA-TM)+01:34.931;10. Promutico Lorenzo (ITA-HONDA) +01:35.399

Complete results availableHERE


Circuit length: 1750 mt (1275 mt Asphalt, 475 mt Off-Road)

Temperature: 20°

Weather conditions: Cloudy

The Grand Prix of Italy will be broadcasted delayed,by clicking HEREyou will obtain the full tv list


Sunday: S2 Warm Up 10.30; S1GP Warm Up 11.00; S2 Race1 12.30; S1GP Race 1 13.30; S2 Race2 15.30; S2 Prize-giving Ceremony; S1GP Race2 16.30; S1GP Prize-giving Ceremony

In the photo: Thomas Chareyre on pole
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