28 Mar
Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) 28 March 2015 – After a long winter season the FIM Supermoto World Championship and S2 European Championship burst back into life today, at the home of motorcycling at Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain.
Blue skies and perfect temperatures greeted the riders, teams and Supermoto fans from all over the world, and with the wait almost over the fans were not disappointed.


After such a close finish to the 2014 season all eyes are on the fastest two S1GP riders in the world, but it was Mauno HERMUNEN (TM-X-Max) who drew first blood by setting the fastest time in both free practice sessions over his main rival Thomas CHAREYRE (TM Factory). But it was the second session of free practice that will be seen as the benchmark for Timed Practice later on today as the time set by Hermunen was one and a half seconds faster than the first session of free practice.
Husqvarna Lukas HOELLBACHER, Pavel KEJMAR (Husqvarna 833 Racing Team) and Ivan LAZZARINI (Honda L30 Racing) rounded out the top five places and would give us some idea as to who the form riders are at this opening S1GP of the season.

Mauno HERMUNEN was the fastest in the timed practice, with the fastest lap of the weekend of 1:03.149 but the surprise package was Pavel KEJMAR who came home in second position, a half second further back. Thomas CHAREYRE was third and almost one second adrift of Hermunen as Lukas HOLLBACHER and Ivan LAZZARINI rounded out the top five. Ottomoto TM Elia Sammartin was sixth, making his first superchrono session of his career.

In SuperChrono, Thomas Chareyre pulled the rabbit out of the hat and surprised everybody by turning a 0.8 second deficit into a 0.3 second advantage and will start from pole position for Sunday’s race.
Mauno Hermunen was second and the Finn will be looking for his lightening-fast starts to spring a surprise of his own when it matters. Behind the first two riders, the positions remained unchanged for the remaining places on the first two rows, so all eyes will be on the two riders who have won the S1GP title over the last two years.

S1GP Qualifying Super Chrono : Thomas Chareyre (FRA- TM) +01:03.076; 2. Mauno Hermunen (FIN-TM) +01:03.378; 3. Pavel Kejmar (CZE-HUSQVARNA) +01:03.514; 4. Lukas Hoellbacher (AUT-HUSQVARNA) +01:03.892; 5.Ivan Lazzarini(ITA-HONDA)+01:04.334; 6. Elia Sammartin (ITA-TM) +01:04.704

In the two free practice sessions, the early pace-setter was Marc REINER SCHMIDT (Degasoline TM), the German rider topping the timing sheets in both sessions with Mattia MARTELLA (MTR KTM) placing second both times. Towards the end of free practice Toni KLEM (TM Racing) of Finland who was third in the 2014 S2 European Championship, steadily improved to 3rd and was looking to spring a surprise in Timed Training later in the afternoon.
Marc REINER SCHMIDT had a perfect day on Saturday as he was fastest in sessions on track, including the timed practice and will start from pole for the first time in his career. The German rider came home more than half-a-second clear of his rivals and is looking good for a possible victory on Sunday.
Behind him it was Yuri GUARDALA (Honda L30 Racing) who will start from second, while Fabrizio BARTOLINI (Honda Assomotor) rounds out the front row.

The second row is headed up Mattia MARTELLA, with Diego MONTICELLI and David GIMENEZ placing sixth. Toni KLEM who was third in last years S2 European championship could only manage 8th.

A large crowd is expected so expect the atmosphere to be nothing other than electric.

S2 Qualifying top ten :Schmidt Marc-Reiner (GER-TM) +01:04.459; 2. Guardalà Yuri (ITA-HONDA) +01:05.039; 3. Bartolini Fabrizio (ITA-HONDA) +1:05.328; 4. Martella Mattia (ITA-KTM)+01:05.346; 5. Monticelli Diego (ITA_HONDA) +01:05.355; 6. Gimenez David (ESP-SUZUKI) +01:05.679; 7. Bussei Giovanni (ITA-TM) +01:05.707; 8. Klem Toni (FIN-TM) +01:05.880; 9. Fagre Kevin (SWE-HUSQVARNA) +01:06.612; 10. Llados Joan (ESP-APRILIA) +01:06.833

Complete results available HERE


Circuit length: 1120 mt (880 mt Asphalt, 240 mt Off-Road)

Temperature: 26°

Weather conditions: Sunny

The Grand Prix of Spain will be broadcasted delayed, by clicking HERE you will obtain the full tv list


Sunday: S2 Warm Up 10.30; S1GP Warm Up 11.00; S2 Race1 12.30; S1GP Race 1 13.30; S2 Race2 15.30; S2 Prize-giving Ceremony;S1GP Race2 16.30; S1GP Prize-giving Ceremony
In the photo: Thomas Chareyre on pole

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