27 Mar

Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), 27 March 2015 – After the long winter break, this weekend starts the 2015 FIM Supermoto World Championship season in the new venue of Jerez de la Frontera. Many expectation have been generated around this event, the venue is named the Capital of Motorcycling and is known in all world for the Autodrome that hosts every years MotoGP, SBK and many cars events of each type.

For the first S1GP, has been set up in the city center a spectacular not permanent track 1.100 metres long, with a lots of grandstands to welcome the big public expected, guaranteed by the passion that livens up all Spanish people for all motors disciplines and thanks to the promotion made by the local Authorities.

Juan Baquero Alonso -Jerez Circuit CEO and Danilo Boccadolce - BPROM CEO, signed an agreement to host the event also in 2016 and 2017, Mr Boccadolce showed a big satisfaction for the partnership with one of the most qualified Organiser in the Motorcycling branch that will assure for next two years a Grand Prix in Spain, country historically mother of motors events and famous Champion.


In S1GP the defending Champion TM Factory Team Thomas Chareyre will do his best to battle against the other TM rival, the strong Mauno Hermunen, determined to fight for the Title lost for five points only last year. The Finnish this season has a new Team, X-Max.

HONDA L30 Racing Ivan Lazzarini who ended the 2014 season with a third place, had a great off-season preparation and is determined to start the 2015 season fighting for the top of the podium.

Confirmed HUSQVARNA 833 Racing Team Pavel Kejmar and HONDA Assomotor Christian Ravaglia very motivated to start SM 2015 new season.

After the great 2014 season HONDA Gazza IFG Racing Asseri Kingelin who won 2014 FIM Europe Title in S2 class passed in S1GP, new Team and new bike for the upcoming season and he will have to prove already this week-end if is able to fighting for the top.

Also Devon Vermeulen passed in S1GP now ready to test his setting and speed with his “new-former” Team and bike KTM MTR.

Others names will be the Romanian KTM Arici Sorin Traistaru and the Austrian Lukas Hoellbacher onboard his Husqvarna, both last season attended some GP, the Italians HONDA Freccia Teo Monticelli and the veteran HONDA L30 Max Verderosa who are back after some years of absence, for the first time ever will be lined up also the young SUZUKI Team Grau Valerio Piedrahita from Colombia.

Wild card of the event will be Francesc Cucharrera (HUSQVARNA) who will try to do his best on his home soil, Eric Bougelet (YAMAHA) happy to be back after his desease and Elia Sammartin (TM).


HONDA Assomotor Fabrizio Bartolini who finished second last season arrives at this first round very motivated and he will do his best to start with Red Plate in his hands.

TM Racing Team Toni Klem after a third place in the 2014 Supermoto European Championship can fight against
Bartolini for the first place on the podium with his new Team and bike.

Also HONDA L30 Yuri Guardalà changed Team this season, the Italian closed the top five position last year due to too much mistake, he is well motivated to improve his position.

Confirmed KTM 833 Racing Team Zdenek Jaros and his new teammate Kevin Fagre, this year on Husqvarna, HONDA L30 Lorenzo Lapini and TM SBD Union Bike Giovanni Bussei.

All riders have to look out for the new entry TM Degasoline Marc-Reiner Schmidt, who showed his force last season in Cremona in S1 class.

Spanish APRILIA Fast Wheels Joan Llados and SUZUKI Grau David Gimenez, will be encouraged by the support they will receive from their public, together with the wild card Gerard Bailo, Abel Urizarbarrena, Zoe Parra and Mathew Ford-Dunn.

Others riders who will take part to all 2015 Supermoto European Championship season will be HONDA Gazza IFG Luca Ciaglia, Lorenzo Promutico and Michel Gregorie, YAMAHA Team Oltregara Alessandro Asnicar, HONDA Freccia Diego Monticelli, KTM MTR Mattia Martella, HONDA L30 Fredrik Eriksson, Eero Madisson (TM) and Vlad Neaga (TM).


Saturday:S2 Free Practice1 10.45; S1GP Free Practice1 11.25; S2 Free Practice2 13.30; S1GP Free Practice2 14.10; S2 Time Practice 15.30; S1GP Time Practice 16.10; S1GP SuperChrono 16.45

S2 Warm Up 10.30; S1GP Warm Up 11.00; S2 Race1 12.30; S1GP Race 1 13.30; S2 Race2 15.30; S2 Prize-giving Ceremony;S1GP Race2 16.30; S1GP Prize-giving Ceremony

In the photo: from the left Mr Juan Baquero Alonso -Jerez Circuit CEO and Mr Danilo Boccadolce - BPROM CEO at Jerez Circuit


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