11 Oct

Cremona (Italy) 11 October 2014 –After staging the Grand Prix of Italy in the FIM Supermoto World Championship, the circuit of San Martino del Lago plays host to the 2014 FIM Supermoto of Nations this weekend. Twenty-one teams will participate including a team from The USA, but the host nation Italy will start as favourites after their victory in 2013.

After a damp start to the day, the weather conditions improved in time for the qualifying races, where as usual for this events the three riders from each nation line up in three groups.


Pavel KEJMAR of Czech Republic took the holeshot but was passed by Thomas CHAREYRE of France before the end of the first lap, and from there the Frenchman was never headed, instead leaving the battle for second to play out for the entire race between Kejmar and Ivan LAZZARINI of Italy. And with two laps to go, the Italian made his move pushing Kejmar back to third.

Berndt HIEMER took fourth for team Germany, while Philippe DUPASQUIER of Switzerland took fifth, both riders finishing where they started.

Chris HODGSON of Great Britain suffered a technical issue early on and lost a lap, but rode well to recover to 19th by the end of the race.

The American rider Johnny LEWIS started eleventh and was involved in a titanic battle with Marcel van DRUNEN of The Netherlands, and after passing van Drunen on lap three tried to pull away. But van Drunen was having none of it and on lap ten the two riders ‘banged bars’ leaving the American on the ground. Although Lewis failed to finish, he was classified with twenty-first place.

QUALIFYING RACE GROUP 1 (TOP TEN):1. CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA-TM) 20:11.947; 2. LAZZARINI Ivan (ITA-Honda) 20:16.902; 3. KEJMAR Pavel (CZE-Husqvarna) 20:19.305; 4. HIEMER Berndt (GER-KTM) 20:28.286; 5. DUPASQUIER Philippe (SUI-Husqvarna) 20:31.849; 6. KLEM Toni (FIN-KTM) 20:32.149; 7. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT-KTM) 20:36.725; 8. BAUER Rudolf (AUT-KTM) 20:37.234; 9. MONTICELLI Diego (ITA-Honda) 20:43.060; 10. PRESTEL Philipp (GER-KTM) 20:58.828.


After their victory in Group one qualifying, all eyes were on Team France and they did not disappoint as Adrien CHAREYRE swept into the lead. Behind him was Christian RAVAGLIA for Team Italy, Tomas TRAVNICEK of Czech Republic and the newly crowned Supermoto European Champion, Asseri KINGELIN for Finland.

But it was the battle for the lead that had the fans on their toes as Ravaglia hounded Adrien Chareyre, and on lap six the Italian made his move. It was all too brief however and three laps later Chareyre was back in front where he would remain to the flag, but by the narrowest of margins of 0.3 seconds.

Although they finished seven seconds off the pace, the battle for third was just as intense but in the end third belonged to Kingelin of Finland with Travnicek fourth for Czech Republic and Devon VERMEULEN fifth for The Netherlands.

After the first two qualifying races, France had done enough to take the team pole position for tomorrows races with their 1-1 scores from the Chareyre brothers giving them two points and lowest possible score – remember, the teams can drop their worst result. Italy, Czech Republic, Finland and Germany are the provisional top five after two qualifying races.

UALIFYING RACE GROUP 2 (TOP TEN):1. CHAREYRE Adrien (FRA-Aprilia) 20:33.884; 2. RAVAGLIA Christian (ITA-Honda) 20:34.250; 3. KINGELIN Asseri (FIN-Aprilia) 20:41.245; 4. TRAVNICEK Tomas (CZE-Yamaha) 20:41.908; 5. VERMEULEN Devon (NED-TM) 20:42.556; 6. CLASS Markus (GER-Husqvarna) 21:03.563; 7. MULLER Daniel (SUI-Yamaha) 21:09.034; 8. HAGLEITNER Manuel (AUT-KTM) 21:29.087; 9. BAUMGARTNER Marcel (SUI-KTM) 21:31.532; 10. WURTERLE Kevin (GER-KTM) 21:41.311.


Marc Reiner SCHMIDT of Germany took the holeshot in the Group three qualifying race but by lap two the leader was Mauno HERMUNEN of Team Finland who went on to win by just over seven seconds.
Taking notice of his what his team mates did in the other two qualifying races, Sylvain BIDART of France rode a steady race, coming from third on lap one to move into second when he passed Reiner Schmidt on lap five, which is where he remained until the chequered flag, finishing two seconds clear of the German.

Lukas HOLLBACHER (Austria) and Edgardo BORELLA of Italy rounded out the top five.
Matt Winstanley for Team Great Britain crosse the finish line in 7th behind Milan Sitniansky of Czech Republic, but the Brit was later handed a penalty for failing noise control after the race and was pushed back to 12th.
Team Belgium rider Romain KAVERS also failed the noise test and was dropped from tenth to thirteenth.

So the top five starting positions look like this:France on pole with Italy second with Finland edging out Czech Republic and Germany.

QUALIFYING RACE GROUP 3 (TOP TEN):1. Mauno HERMUNEN (FIN-TM) 20:07.688; 2. Sylvain BIDART (FRA-Honda) 20:14.981; 3. Marc Reiner SCHMIDT (GER-KTM) 20:16.749; 4. Lukas HOLLBACHER (AUT-Husqvarna) 20:21.265; 5. Edgardo BORELLA (ITA-Yamaha) 20:25.501; 6. Milan SITNIANSKY (CZE-TM) 20:41.746; 7. Robert GATTINGER (AUT-KTM) 20:53.606; 8. Gage MCALLISTER (USA-Aprilia) 21:02.037; 9. BAYER Raphael (GER-Kawasaki) 21:10.326; 10. VAN SIKKELERUS Jaimie (NED-KTM) 21:13.737.


Complete results availableHERE


Circuit length: 1700 mt (1330 mt Asphalt, 370 mt Off-Road)

Temperature: 22°

Weather conditions: Changeable

The FIM Supermoto of Nation will be broadcasted delayed, by clickingHEREyou will obtain the full tv list, the complete tv coverage will be published soon


Sunday: SMoN Qualified Teams 1 Warm Up 9.00; SMoN Qualified Teams 2 Warm Up 9.30; SMoN Qualified Teams 3 Warm Up 10.00 SMoN Race 1 (Rider 1+ Rider 2) 13.00; SMoN Race 2 (Rider 2 + Rider 3) 14.40; SMoN Race 3 (Rider 1+ Rider 3) 16.20; Prize Giving Ceremony

In the photo: Thomas Chareyre



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