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Jesolo (Italy) 13 September, 2014– Jesolo in northern Italy welcomes the best supermoto riders in the world to the Pista Azzura circuit just north of Venice for the final FIM Supermoto GP of the season.

Under cloudy skies and with temperatures hovering around the 20 degree mark this slippery, technical circuit that we last visited back in 2005 could be a decisive factor in the outcome of both the S1 World Championship and SM2 European Championship.


The surprise in S1 timed practice was Honda Racing’s Assomotor rider Christian Ravaglia who topped the charts with seven and a half minutes of the session to go, booking his place in the Superchrono session ahead of Ivan Lazzarini on his L30 Racing Honda. The new Championship leader Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) placed third as Pavel Kejmar, Mauno Hermunen and Adrien Chareyre rounded out the top six positions.

In the ten minute Superchrono session though it was 833 Racing Team Husqvarna of Pavel Kejmar that set the early pace, but with five minutes to go Thomas Chareyre rocketed to the top of the charts with a 1:01.886. But that time was short lived as Mauno Hermunen took his SHR TM past the Italian just ten seconds later with a 1:01.832. The Finn was followed over the line by Ivan Lazzarini who moved up to third and in the space of thirty seconds, Kejmar was pushed back into fourth.

With three and a half minutes to go, Adrien Chareyre decided it was time to play and the Fast Wheels Aprilia rider popped up to third, pushing ‘Lazza’ down to fourth in the process as Ravaglia moved up to fifth.

Thirty seconds later and with three minutes remaining Thomas Chareyre was back on pole but all eyes were on Hermunen who crossed the finish line with 28 seconds to spare as he looked to take pole on his final lap, but it was to no avail and the Finn had to settle for second behind the Frenchman.

So, for Sunday’s race the front row looks like this: Thomas Chareyere, Mauno Hermunen and Adrien Chareyre, with row two consisting of Lazzarini, Ravaglia and Kejmar.

S1 Qualifying Top Ten: 1.Thomas Chareyre (FRA- TM) +01:01.735; 2. Mauno Hermunen (FIN-TM) +01:01.832; 3. Adrien Chareyre (FRA-Aprilia) +01:01.925; 4. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-Honda) +01:02:032; 5. Cristian Ravaglia (ITA-Honda) +01:02.158; 6. Pavel Kejmar (CZE-Husqvarna)+01:02.313; 7. Angel Karanyotov (BUL-TM) +01:03.162; 8. Tomas Travnicek (CZE-Yamaha) +01:03.400; 9. Andrea Occhini (ITA-SUZUKI) +01:03.494; 10. Petr Vorlicek (CZE-Honda)+01:05.292


If SM2 championship leader Asseri Kingelin thought about easing his way into the final European round of the weekend then he was very much mistaken as his first free practice session was marred by a crash, with the Finn only able to complete two laps of the session.

In timed practice however, things had improved slightly, on a day that saw three different riders topping the timing sheets; IFG Gazza Racing’s Yuri Guardala topped Free Practice 1, as Fabrizio Bartolini put his Assomotor Honda on provisional pole in Free Practice 2, but when it mattered it was Finland’s Toni Klem who guided his KTM MTR machine to the top spot by the narrow margin of 0.071.

Fabrizio Bartolini, who sits in second position in the SM2 European championship showed that he is prepared to fight for the title, and by putting his Assomotor Honda on the front row has a very good chance to take advantage of Asseri kingelin’s fifth position; the Fast Wheels Aprilia rider struggling to settle into this final round.

Third belonged to the Slovenian Uros Natran, and the TDS TM Team mounted rider, and former European champion could prove to act as a buffer in the race for the title. But will he be taking points off of Kingelin or Bartolini?

Yuri Guardala, who was fastest in Free Practice 1 had to settle for fourth but with Kingelin in fifth, the top five riders were separated by less than a half second, so it should be an explosive, action packed first race on Sunday.

SM2 Qualifying top ten:1.Klem Toni (FIN-KTM)+01:02.228; 2. Bartolini Fabrizio (ITA-HONDA) +01:02.299; 3.Nastran Uros (SLO-TM) +01:02.417; 4.Guardalà Yuri (ITA-HONDA) +01:02.491; 5. Kingelin Asseri (FIN-APRILIA) +01:02.727; 6. Gaspardone Paolo (ITA-HONDA)+01:03.179; 7. Sitniansky Milan (CZE-TM) +01:03.351;8. Buschberger Andreas (AUT-KTM)+01:04.295; 9. Lapini Lorenzo (ITA-HONDA) +01:04.548; 10.Zdenek Jaros (CZE-KTM)+01:04.852

Complete results availableHERE


Circuit length: 1155 mt (1005 mt Asphalt, 150 mt Off-Road)

Temperature: 22°

Weather conditions: Cloudy

The Grand Prix of Jesolo will be broadcasted delayed, by clickingHEREyou will obtain the full tv list, the complete tv coverage will be published soon


Sunday: SM2 Warm Up 10.25; S1 Warm Up 10.55; SM2 Race1 12.15; S1 Race 1 14.00; SM2 Race2 15.30;SM2 Prize-giving Ceremony;S1 Race2 16.30; S1 Prize-giving Ceremony

In the photo: Thomas Chareyre on pole



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