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Cremona (Italy) 6 July, 2014 –Hot, sweltering conditions in Italy proved difficult for some riders both S1 World Championship and SM2 European Championship. But when the chequered flag fell, it was Thomas Chareyre who gained ground on his rivals in S1, as Asseri is the new King’ of SM2.

Thomas Chareyre made the most of his pole position and took the holeshot in race 1 on his TM followed by L30 Racing’s Ivan Lazzarini and Mauno Hermunen – SHR TM. On Lap three Hermunen had moved into second position when he passed Lazzarini and set about chasing down Thomas Chareyre to challenge for the lead. But, two laps later and Hermunen found himself on the floor; a mistake dropped him from second to fourth on Lap five.
For the next four laps the Finn followed the Fast Wheels Apriliaof Adrien Chareyre who by now was in third after starting fourth on lap one, but eventually Hermunen found a way through to third which is where he would remain until the chequered flag – unable to catch Thomas Chareyre who won by more than seven seconds. Ivan Lazzarini was second on his Honda.
Adrien Chareyre had to be content with fourth. Behind him was a surprise rider in fifth in the form of Marc Reiner Schmidt of Germany who after starting sixth in lap one was able to pass TM Bulgaria Team Angel Karanyotov to take fifth after eight laps.
Husqvarna 833 Pavel Kejmar gradually worked his way up from ninth to sixth as BRT Suzuki Andrea Occhini placed seventh.
The battle for eighth between Yamaha Tomas Travnicek and Honda Assomotor Christian Ravaglia went the way of the Czech rider when he passed the Italian on the final lap.

S1 Race 1 Top Ten:1. Thomas Chareyre (FRA-TM Racing Factory) 20:18.950; 2. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) 20:26.316; 3. Mauno Hermunen (FIN-SHR TM) 20:28.762; 4. Adrien Chareyre (FRA-Fast Wheels Aprilia) 20:39.971; 5. Marc Reiner Schmidt (GER-KTM) 20:45.735; 6. Pavel Kejmar (CZE-833 Racing Team Husqvarna) 20:48.144; 7. Andrea Occhini (ITA-BRT Suzuki) 21:00.743; 8. Tomas Travnicek (CZE-Yamaha) 21:05.036; 9. Christian Ravaglia (ITA-Honda Racing Assomotor) 21:05.246; 10. Lorenzo Promutico (ITA-Honda) 20:43.290.

S1 Race 2

This time, Mauno Hermunen made a better start, taking the holeshot to go on and lead every lap in the sixteen-lap race to secure the victory. Thomas Chareyre started second but also knew that he did not need to challenge Hermunen after the Finn’s third in race one would be enough to take the overall grand prix victory with second in the race, and the Frenchman came home three seconds behind Hermunen to take his third GP win of the year.
Third belonged to Adrien Chareyre with Ivan Lazzarini fourth; all four riders finishing in the same positions in which they started.
Fifth place went to Pavel Kejmar, who after starting in sixth passed Tomas Travnicek when his fellow Czech rider fell on lap seven. And once again, Marc Reiner Schmidt raised a few eyebrows when he came home in sixth place in what was a successful grand prix for the German.

S1 Race 2 top ten:1. Mauno Hermunen (FIN-SHR TM) 20:15.284; 2. Thomas Chareyre (FRA-TM Racing Factory) 20:19.204; 3. Adrien Chareyre (FRA-Fast Wheels Aprilia) 20:23.521; 4. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) 20:30.691; 5. Pavel Kejmar (CZE-833 Racing Team Husqvarna) 20:38.609; 6. Marc Reiner Schmidt (GER-KTM) 20:50.226; 7. Edgardo Borella (ITA-Yamaha) 20:54.190; 8. Angel Karanyotov (BUL-Team Bulgaria TM) 21:01.400; 9. Andrea Occhini (ITA-BRT Suzuki) 21:06.577; 10. Christian Ravaglia (ITA-Honda Racing Assomotor) 21:44.021.

S1 Overall top ten:1. Thomas Chareyre (FRA-TM Racing Factory) points 47; 2. Mauno Hermunen (FIN-SHR TM) p. 45; 3. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) p. 40; 4. Adrien Chareyre (FRA-Fast Wheels Aprilia) p. 38; 5. Pavel Kejmar (CZE-833 Racing Team Husqvarna) p. 31; 6. Marc Reiner Schmidt (GER-KTM) p. 31; 7. Andrea Occhini (ITA-BRT Suzuki) p. 26; 8. Edgardo Borella (ITA-Yamaha) p. 23; 9. Angel Karanyotov (BUL-Team Bulgaria TM) p. 23; 10. Christian Ravaglia (ITA-Honda Racing Assomotor) p. 23.

S1 Championship Top Ten:1. Thomas Chareyre (FRA-TM Racing Factory) points 186; 2. Mauno Hermunen (FIN-SHR TM) p. 178; 3. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) p. 146; 4. Adrien Chareyre (FRA-Fast Wheels Aprilia) p. 145; 5. Pavel Kejmar (CZE-833 Racing Team Husqvarna) p. 120; 6. Christian Ravaglia (ITA-Honda Racing Assomotor) p. 117; 7. Angel Karanyotov (BUL-Team Bulgaria TM) p. 104; 8. Tomas Travnicek (CZE-Yamaha) p. 75; 9. Andrea Occhini (ITA-BRT Suzuki) p. 71; 10. Petr Vorlicek (CZE-SHR Honda) p. 63.

S1 Manufacturers: 1. TM points 200; 2. Honda p. 156; 3. Aprilia p. 145; 4. Husqvarna p. 121; 5. Yamaha p. 99; 6. Suzuki p. 71; 7. KTM p. 56.


Fast Wheels Aprilia Asseri Kingelin took the holeshot in race one and for the next sixteen laps never looked back as he raced to a convincing win; his first win of the season.
Behind him was Honda Gazza Racing Yuri Guardalà who took second place from Honda Assomotor Fabrizio Bartolini when the Italian stalled his Honda on Lap four, dropping him down to fifth. Bartolini did however get back to third with some great riding.
KTM Bauerschmidt Philipp Prestel was a fast starter in fifth but capitalised on Bartolini’s mistake to take fourth, and soon after on lap six gained another position when SBD TM Giovanni Bussei crashed out of third. Prestel would eventually finish fourth behind Bartolini who re-passed him on lap seven. After winning the last round, TM Tuningmotorsport Milan Sitniansky was unable to re-produce the same fighting spirit and could only manage fifth after starting in eighth – but it was still a good ride from the rider from the Czech Republic.
The busiest rider in race one was KTM MTR Toni Klem; after starting in sixth he fell to fourteenth on lap two but was able to charge back through to sixth to keep his championship chances alive, in the absence of Devon Vermeulen.

SM2 Race 1 top ten:1. Asseri Kingelin (FIN-Fast Wheels Aprilia) 20:40.189; 2. Yuri Guardalà (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) 20:46.368; 3. Fabrizio Bartolini (ITA-Assomotor Honda) 20:58.087; 4. Philipp Prestel (GER-Bauerschmidt KTM) 21:02.480; 5. Milan Sitniansky (CZE-Tuningmotorsport TM) 21:12.075; 6. Toni Klem (FIN-KTM MTR Team) 21:17.559; 7. Paolo Gaspardone (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) 21:20.091; 8. Lorenzo Lapini (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) 21:20.294; 9. Yves Lindegger (SUI-Keller Yamaha) 21:39.945; 10. Manuel Stehrer (AUT-KTM) 21:42.045.

SM2 Race 2

After an impressive performance in race one, Asseri Kingelin proved his earlier victory was no fluke as he once again rode the perfect race to secure another start-to-finish victory, a result that saw him claim his first overall win in the SM2 European Championship. And to top it all, the Finn leaves Italy with the championship leaders red plate, six points clear of Fabrizio Bartolini who had to settle for second in race two and second in the overall classification.
The race itself was fairly un-eventful as the first seven riders finished where they started on lap one, with Yuri Guardala taking third, Toni Klem fourth with the wildcard, Paolo Gaspardone taking fifth.
After his non-participation here in Italy, Devon Vermeulen drops to sixth in the championship standings, twenty points behind the new leader Kingelin.

SM2 Race 2 top ten:1. Asseri Kingelin (FIN-Fast Wheels Aprilia) 20:46.625; 2. Fabrizio Bartolini (ITA-Assomotor Honda) 20:49.709; 3. Yuri Guardalà (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) 20:50.182; 4. Toni Klem (FIN-KTM MTR Team) 21:06.651; 5. Paolo Gaspardone (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) 21:12.809; 6. Lorenzo Lapini (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) 21:14.064; 7. Milan Sitniansky (CZE-Tuningmotorsport TM) 21:14.888; 8. Philipp Prestel (GER-Bauerschmidt KTM) 21:20.404; 9. Fredrik Eriksson (SWE-Biffensmc SE Honda) 21:38.330; 10. Giovanni Bussei (ITA-TM SBD Union Bike) 21:40.302.

SM2 Overall top ten:1. Asseri Kingelin (FIN-Fast Wheels Aprilia) points 50; 2. Fabrizio Bartolini (ITA-Assomotor Honda) p. 42; 3. Yuri Guardalà (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) p. 42; 4. Toni Klem (FIN-KTM MTR Team) p. 33; 5. Philipp Prestel (GER-Bauerschmidt KTM) p. 31; 6. Paolo Gaspardone (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) p. 30; 7. Milan Sitniansky (CZE-Tuningmotorsport TM) p. 30; 8. Lorenzo Lapini (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) p. 28; 9. Yves Lindegger (SUI-Keller Yamaha) p. 22; Manuel Stehrer (AUT-KTM) p. 19.

SM2 Championship Top Ten:1. Asseri Kingelin (FIN-Aprilia) p. 158; 2. Bartolini Fabrizio (ITA-Honda) p. 152; 3. Toni Klem (FIN-Ktm) p. 149; 4. Milan Sitniasky (CZE-TM) p. 141; 5. Yuri Guardalà (ITA-Honda) p. 139; 6. Devon Vertmeulen (NED-TM) p. 138; 7. Giovanni Bussei (ITA-TM) p. 70; 8. Lorenzo Lapini (ITA-Honda) p. 70; 9. Jaros Zdenek (CZE-KTM) p. 66; 10. Kevin Fagre (SWE-TM) p. 62.

SM2 Manufacturers:1. TM points 180; 2. Honda p. 166; 3. Aprilia p. 158; 4. KTM p. 152; 5. Husqvarna p. 52; 6. Yamaha p. 39; 7 Suzuki p. 24; 8. Vertemati 5.

Complete results availableHERE


Circuit length: 1700 mt (1330 mt Asphalt, 370 mt Off-Road)

Temperature: 28°

Weather conditions: Sunny

Crowd attendance: 5800

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