6 Oct

PLEVEN ( Bulgaria ), 6 October 2013 – Excellent performance for Team Italy in this eighth edition of the FIM Supermoto of Nations, that brings home for the fourth time - the second in a row - the Zerbi’s Trophy. A little bit disappointed home Team Bulgaria that was second, while the strong Team France was able only to conquer the third step of the podium.

Team Italy started the day with Christian Ravaglia in fifth and Ivan Lazzarini in ninth respectively; in the second race Ravaglia had a fantastic performance and finished in second;Teo Monticelli was eighth in both heats; in race 3 Lazzarini dominated from the beginning to end, given up - at two laps to go - the opportunity at his squad to got the top step of the podium. Attilio Pignotti, Italy Team Manager and also former SMoN winner, declared to be very proud of his squad: “ The preparation was perfect and they made a very good team job .”

Second step of the podium for the hosting Nation Team Bulgaria thanks to 1-2 results of Angel Karanyotov and 3-4 of Mauno Hermunen. Alexander Georgiev made some mistakes in the second race and fell down three times . The home Team - yesterday classified in first position - this morning started from the first row. The Bulgarian Team also achieved the podium two times in the past in this fast and demanding circuit but never reached the first step; they were confident to got it until the last lap for the first time ever but, eventually, Team Italy was faster and grabbed its dream.

Bronze medals for Team France thanks to the solid performance of Sylvain Bydart and Thomas Chareyre; first time at the SMoN for Warren Bougard who tried to do his best to help his team but fell down in the first race. Team France lost one position compared to last season results; even this team obtained the Zerbi’s Trophy many times in the past but declared that this year Team Italy and Team Bulgaria were very strong.

This year Team Czech Republic was not able to obtain the podium and had to settle down for the fourth position. Pavel Keymar was a dominant winner in race one and was fourth in the second, while Tomas Travnicek finished eighth and sixth, Milan Sitniansky 18-17.

Austria also lost one position, finishing fifth after a 7-7-8 overall results.

The good performance of the three Germans Riders brought their Country in sixth position. The Netherlands succeeded to be in seventh position, followed by Team Finland that was a little bit unlucky. Happy about its ninth position Team Turkey, while Team Great Britain closed the Top Ten.

RACE 1 (Riders 1 + Riders 2)

The first race of the day started with Tomas Chareyre who took the holeshot but, immediately after, he fell down and dropped in twenty-seventh position; then the French had an outstanding recovery and managed to finish fourth.

Pavel Keymar had a very good start, obtaining the second position. After the first lap he managed to overtake the British Lewis Cornish and had an impressive performance, leading until the end.

The German Bern Hiemer had a fantastic race and after the second lap was able to maintain the second position until the chequered flag.

Mauno Hermunen started from the fourth row and gave it all but - after the first half of the race - he was already fourth; at lap nine he overtook Ravaglia first and Chareyre then, moving up to the fourth position.

The Italian Christian Ravaglia made an excellent race finishing fifth, followed by the Dutch Devon Vermeulen who lost two positions from his start.

The Austrian Lukas Hollbacker had a good race - after yesterday misfortune - and finished in seventh position, followed by the Czech Tomas Travnicek who ran a solid race.

Ninth position for the Italian Ivan Lazzarini who had a difficult start because he was involved in a crash at the first corner, so that he dropped in twenty-first position. However he did his best to recover.

The Austrian Rudolf Bauer had a good start but then lost some positions, closing the top ten.

RACE TOP TEN:1. Pavel Kejmar (CZE-KTM) 19:41.220; 2. Bernd Hiemer (GER-KTM) +0:01.723; 3. Mauno Hermunen (BUL-TM) +0:04.003; 4. Thomas Chareyre (FRA-TM) +0:12.227; 5. Cristian Ravaglia (ITA-Honda) +0:15.212; 6. Devon Vermeulen (NED-KTM) +0:15.649; 7. Lukas Höllbacher (AUT-KTM) +0:15.876; 8. Tomas Travnicek (CZE-TM) +0:16.658; 9. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-Honda) +0:19.040; 10. Rudolf Bauer (AUT-KTM) +0:21.553.

TEAMS TOP TEN : Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Turkey

RACE 2 ( Riders 2 + Riders 3 )

The Bulgarian Angel Karanyotov took the holeshot and led the race from beginning to the end. A superb performance for the Italian Christian Ravaglia who had a good start but Pavel Keymar arrived faster from behind and caught him; after two laps Ravaglia was able to pass the Czech and to maintain the second position until the end, having his best performance of the season despite of yesterday misfortune.

The French Sylvain Bydart ran an excellent race, finishing third and had to give his best to finish behind the Czech Keymar who had a solid race, ending in fourth position.

Lukas Hollbacker - who got injured yesterday during the Time Practice - was ready to run in both races today and helped Team Austria finishing fifth together with his team mate Hennes Maier, who ended in seventh position.

The Finnish Sami Salstola kept a good rhythm and finished sixth, trying to help his teammate who had some problems at the bike that got the engine broken.

Eighth position for the Italian Teo Monticelli who moved up from fourteenth one and kept such position ahead of Devon Vermeulen - who had a consistent race – and of Junior Team Czech Republic Manuel Hagleitner, who closed the top ten.

RACE TOP TEN: 1. Angel Karanyotov (BUL-Honda) 19:37.932; 2. Cristian Ravaglia (ITA-Honda) +0:06.073; 3. Sylvain Bidart (FRA-Honda) +0:06.393; 4. Pavel Kejmar (CZE-KTM) +0:06.697; 5. Lukas Höllbacher (AUT-KTM) +0:09.458; 6. Sami Salstola (FIN-TM) +0:23.538; 7. Hannes Maier (AUT-KTM) +0:24.566; 8. Teo Monticelli (ITA-Honda) +0:26.775; 9. Devon Vermeulen (NED-KTM) +0:28.605; 10. Manuel Hagleitner (AUTj-KTM) +0:30.790.

TEAMS TOP TEN : Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Great Britain, Turkey

RACE 3 ( Riders 1+Riders 3 )

The Italian Ivan Lazzarini was clearly the dominant of the race; he took the holeshot and rode with great authority from the beginning until the end, to assure his country the top position.

The Bulgarian Angel Karanyotov amazed his fans with his beautiful race and tried to do his best to overtake the Italian; unfortunately he was not able to do it, but assured his country the final second position.

Excellent performance for the French Sylvain Bydart who made a consistent race, ending in third position; the French admitted that even if his Country was not able to obtain the Gold Medal he had fun with his teammate during this nice week-end and on this totally asphalted track.

Mauno Hermunen performed a superb race finishing fourth and helping the Bulgarian Team to ensure the second step of the podium, ahead of the French Thomas Chareyre, who also ran an excellent race and went from the eleventh to the fifth position and kept this from the half of the race until the end.

The Czech Tomas Travnicek had a very good start but Hermunen and Chareyre were able to catch him and had to settle down for a seventh position.

The Italian Teo Monticelli started from the nineteenth and finally got the solid seventh position just ahead of the Finnish Asseri Kingelin, followed by the Austrian Hannes Maier; the German Jan Deitenbach completed the top ten .

RACE TOP TEN:1. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-Honda) 19:25.994; 2. Angel Karanyotov (BUL-Honda) +0:00.242; 3. Sylvain Bidart (FRA-Honda) +0:01.360; 4. Mauno Hermunen (BUL-TM) +0:02.598; 5. Thomas Chareyre (FRA-TM) +0:02.916; 6. Tomas Travnicek (CZE-TM) +0:23.110; 7. Teo Monticelli (ITA-Honda) +0:31.220; 8. Asseri Kingelin (FIN-Honda) +0:32.037; 9. Hannes Maier (AUT-KTM) +0:41.758; 10. Jan Deitenbach (GER-Suzuki) +0:42.00

TEAMS TOP TEN : Italy, Bulgaria, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Turkey, Great Britain.

Complete results available athere
Photos of the whole SMoN are available athere

Circuit length: 1720 mt (1204 mt slide, 516 mt sky section)

Temperature: 17°

Weather condition: Sunny

Crowd attendance during the week-end: 6.500

The Bulgarian National Tv Channel BNT broadcast Live the FIM Supermoto of Nations, also the best moments will be broadcast delayed on the 26 mn magazine on Motors Tv in Europe, France and UK, on Sportitalia in Italy, on Sport Tv in Portugal, on Mtv 3 in Finland, on Speed 2 in USA, on Fox Sport in Australia, Asia and South America, on Band Sports in Brazil and worldwide onMX LIFE TV

By clickinghereyou can download the complete Tv Coverage.

In the photo: Team Italy celebrating their victory



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