25 May

Vairano (Italy) 25 May, 2013 - Day one of the SMGP of Europe took place today with a heavy rain but with a really good racing; the Italian crowd got behind their riders as usual and they cheered for them from the beginning of the day until the last chequered flag. Thomas Chareyre and Mitchell-Thomas Malachi were the ones who dominated the qualifying heats, but there were many riders fighting for the lead who gave good expectations for tomorrow.

Unfortunately, another time, due to the persistent rain, the off-road section, which was very well prepared according to the riders, has not been used; YS and FIM aim to be able to include it tomorrow morning.


The defending ChampionTM Racing Factory Team Tomas Chareyre was very satisfied with his riding today; he obtained the best lap time with 1:20.142. The French rider started in second and kept his position almost until the end of the qualifying race, when he overtook Mauno Hermunen.

TM Shr Mauno Hermunen had a very good start and he managed to open a big gap since the beginning, but in the last minutes he made some mistakes and tomorrow he will start in the second position in the starting grid.

Third position for HONDA Luc1 Owatrol Sylvian Bydart who did not have a very good start today but, towards the end, he found the correct setting with his bike.

Beautiful recovery for APRILIA Fasth Wheels Adrien Chareyre, who changed the tyres from GoldenTyre to Michelin and found a good rhythm with his bike, finishing in the fourth position today.

TM Shr Petr Vorlicek, who a had a very good free practice today and who feels confident on wet tracks, will close the first row tomorrow.

Sixth position for TM SBD Unionbike Racing Giovanni Bussei, who feels very confident with this type of track, which are wide and fast, also because the Italian rider had a story in Superbike.

Consistent race for YAMAHA Team Blot Grelier Aurelien, and it is the same for KTM Gp Racing Hohnhart Hannes Maier, who had a solid qualifying race today and he will close the second row tomorrow, followed by the Czech TM Hardbike Racing Tomas Travnicek.

Home rider HM L30 Racing Ivan Lazzarini had to settle down with the tenth place but he will surely do his best to improve his position tomorrow.

S1 Qualifying Race Top Ten: 1. Thomas Chareyre (FRA-TM Racing Factory Team) 1’20.142; 2. Mauno Hermunen (FIN-TM SHR) 120.237; 3. Sylvain Bidart (FRA-Honda Luc1 Owatrol) 1’21.122; 4. Adrien Chareyre (FRA-Aprilia Fast Wheels) 1’21.135; 5. Petr Vorlicek (CZE-TM) 1’21.199; 6. Giovanni Bussei (ITA-TM SBD Unionbike Racing) 1’21.444; 7. Aurelien Grelier (FRA-Yamaha Team Blot) 1’21.570; 8. Hannes Maier (AUT-Ktm) 1’21.614; 9. Tomas Travnicek (CZE-TM Hardbike Racing) 1’21.664; 10. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-Honda L30 Racing) 1’21.721.

Maiden pole for TM Shr Mitchell-Thomas Malachi with 1:22.043, who dominated also the free practice today.
A good performance also for KTM Mtr Devon Vermeulen who finished in second, followed by his teammate Klem Tony who had a very good start and managed to finish in the second as well, even if he made a mistake and crashed towards the end, followed by his countryman TM Shr Sami Salstola, who had a consistent qualifying race.

The French SUZUKI Lux Performnce Frederic Guerin, who had some problems with the setting of his bike due to the wet weather, decided to ride safely and assured a good place for tomorrow, when he will close the first row, as this year the starting point reached on Saturdays is essential to ensure a good performance, also because this starting point is the same in both races.

ES2 Qualifying Race top ten: 1. Malachi Mitchell-Thomas (GBR-TM Shr) 1:22.043; 2. Devon Vermeulen (NED-KTM MTR Team) 1:22.487; 3. Toni Klem (FIN-KTM MTR Team) 1:22.500; 4. Sami Salstola (FIN-TM SHR) 1:22.594; 5. Frederic Guerin (FRA-Suzuki Lux Performance) 1:22.599; 6. Asseri Kingelin (FIN-Honda TDS) 1:22.776; 7. Jordan Collard (LUX-Honda Luc1 Awatrol) 1:23.826; 8. Kevin Fagre (SWE-TM Racing Sweden) 1:23.926; 9. Ben Stafford (GBR-Honda Shr) 1:23.938; 10. Lorenzo Lapini (ITA-Honda L30 Racing) 1:23.979.

Complete results available at here

Photos of the whole Grand Prix are available at here


Circuit length: 2275 mt (1897 mt Asphalt 378 mt Off-road)
Temperature: 10°
Weather conditions: Rainy
The Grand Prix will be broadcasted delayed and by clicking here
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Sunday: ES2 Warm Up 12.00; S1GP Warm Up 12.30; ES2 Race1 13.30; S1GP Race 1 14.30; ES2 Race2 15.30; ES2 Prize-giving Ceremony;S1GP Race2 16.30; S1GP Prize-giving Ceremony

In the photo: T. Chareyre and Mitchell-Thomas in action

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