22 May

VAIRANO (Italy) 22 May, 2013 - After the successful start of the season in Capua the FIM Supermoto World Championship and the European Supermoto Championship had almost one month off and are now ready for the second Round that will be held in Vairano, Pavia. It is going be the first time that the track of Vairano hosts a SMGP and everybody is very excited for the response of the fans, as well as the new track. ASC circuit is used by several Manufacturers and is seat of Dueruote Academy, school that organize save driving courses and days of free practice for two wheels.


Shr TM Mauno Hermunen left the GP of Italy with the Red Plate on his bike heading the S1 standings with 50 points. The Finnish was unbeaten in the first Grand Prix of the season and won both heats with great authority so his goal for this week-end is to confirm his leadership.

Tm Racing Factory Team TM Thomas Chareyre had a poor qualification in Capua but on Sunday he had a fantastic performance and he ended in second, now he wants prove to everybody that he is ready to defend the Title even if he didn't win the SMGP of Italy.

Other candidates who will be fighting for the top positions are Luc1 Awatrol Honda Sylvain Bydart who closed the podium last race and he will do his best to confirm his position and the home rider L30 Racing HONDA Ivan Lazzarini, who has recently became father and he will count with the publics’ support to improve his last fourth position and his goal is to finish on the podium in front his home crowd.

Fifth position in World Championship Standings is for Shr TM Petr Vorlicek who had a consistent week-end in Italy.

Matthew Winstanley will not take part at the remaining season because Team SHR decided to focus their attention and materials on 2 riders in the S1 and 3 riders in the ES2.

Sixth place in S1 class is currently for Only Motor HONDA Christian Ravaglia who crashed in race two in Capua and his goal for the Grand Prix of Europe is not to make mistakes anymore and increase his advantage, the cop is followed by another Italian rider Brt SUZUKI Andrea Occhini who hurts his back last week-end in International Series Supermoto in Latina but he will do his best to racing in front his fans.

Hardbike Racing TM Thomas Travincek had a solid week-end in Capua and is currently ninth in S1 classification, Fasth Wheels APRILIA Adrien Chareyre is rounding up the top ten and the French even if he knows that TM riders are very strong he will do his best to find a good rhythm with his bike.


SUZUKI Lux Performance Frederic Guerin was the big surprise of the first Round of Supermoto European Championship where he reached the podium and his goal is win again this week-end but he has the same points of KTM Mtr Team Devon Vermeulen who after his last two very good performances there is no doubt that will be fighting for an overall win.

Extream Team YAMAHA Edgardo Borella recently admitted that is very satisfied with his riding and he is hoping to finish on the podium as well as last round.

Shr TM Sami Salstola is determined to move up and achieve the podium this week-end, closes the top five position his teammate the British Malachi Mitchell-Thomas.


Saturday: S1GP Free Practice1 11.00; ES2 Free Practice1 11.40; S1GP Free Practice2 14.00; ES2 Free Practice2 14.40; S1GP Time Practice 16.10; ES2 Time Practice 17.00.

Sunday: ES2 Warm Up 10.00; S1GP Warm Up 10.30; ES2 Race1 12.00; S1GP Race 1 14.00; ES2 Race2 15.20; ES2 Prize-giving Ceremony;S1GP Race2 16.20; S1GP Prize-giving Ceremony

In the photo: Aerial picture of Vairano’s circuit



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