27 Apr

Limatola (Benevento) 27 April, 2013 - The Grand Prix of Italy starts with an annoying rain which has been obstructing the riders for almost the whole day. The season resumes from the last situation, with the same leading names. Brand new track for everybody, riders setting their bikes on Saturday, trying to have their best lap in order to obtain a good position on the starting grid tomorrow. Unfortunately, due to the persistent rain, the off-road section, which was excellent according to the riders, has not been used; the organization aims to be able to include it tomorrow morning.


Pole position for the Italian Champion L30 Racing HONDA Ivan Lazzarini with 1:00.326. The Italian rider had been trying the track during the last month, but he wasn’t expecting to perform the best lap time on wet track. He got the best lap on the first SMGP last year as well in Ottobiano, he is going to fight for winning on his Country soil.

Second position for the British Shr TM Matthew Winstanley, who has always been good on wet tracks. Tomorrow he will fight for himself and for his team, aiming to confirm his great result and be on the podium.

Third position for the Finnish Shr TM Mauno Hermunen, he is used to have a leading role but this time he rose only at the end of this first day of qualifying.

Last in the first row tomorrow will be the policeman Suzuky Lux Performance SUZUKI Massimo Beltrami, who recently confirmed his participation at the FIM Supermoto World Championship. After having been training by bicycle during the winter, he is starting to become familiar with his new bike.

Fifth position for another Italian rider, Hm Honda Racing HONDA Fabrizio Bertolini: “very nice track and well prepared off-road, I wish we can use it tomorrow”, followed by his team mate Christian Ravaglia, who fell in the last minutes: good result but he could have made it better.

Eight position for the French Champion Luc1 Awatrol HONDA Silvan Bydart, who has not been racing in the FIM SM World Championship in the last four years, definitely satisfied for his result, also considering that his strong point is the off-road and he could not use it today.

Ninth position for the Czech Shr TM Petr Vorlicek, who broke his leg in Mettet. Close the top ten Brt SUZUKI Andrea Occhini, who is still trying to get familiar with his new bike and tyres, he aims to improve his position tomorrow.

Chareyre’s brothers experienced some balance issues: the defending Champion, Tm Racing Factory Team TM Thomas ended with a 13th position, while Adrien, Fast Wheels APRILIA, the former Champion, will be 18th. The first act has finished, but tomorrow the weather forecast sun so probably the off-road part will be added and everything might change.

S1 Qualifying Race Top Ten: 1. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-Honda) 1:00.326; 2. Matthew Winstanley (GBR-TM) 1:00.485; 3. Mauno Hermunen (FIN-TM) 1:00.628; 4. Massimo Beltrami (ITA-Honda) 1:00.704; 5. Fabrizio Bartolini (ITA-Honda) 1:00.732; 6. Christian Ravaglia (ITA-Honda) 1:00.756; 7. Hannes Maier (AUT-KTM) 1:00.799; 8. Sylvain Bidart (FRA-Honda) 1:00.933; 9. Petr Vorlicek (CZE-TM) 1:00.941; 10. Andrea Occhini (ITA-Suzuki) 1:01.059


Pole position for Mtr KTM Devon Vermeulen with 0:59.946 even better then the S1. Now that Vorlicek switched to S1 class, the young Dutch rider has what it takes for winning the Round and European Supermoto Championship Title. Franco Mollo, his team manager, is very satisfied: “He is a committed guy, he always listens, and in these qualifying we have changed the tyres several times, switching from slicks to rains, then slicks again and we always made the right choice”.

The French rider Lux Performance SUZUKI Frederic Guerin obtained a very good result, he has been leading until the last lap, when he has been crossed by Vermeulen. His team manager, Lorenzo Ventura admitted: “He’s a tough youngster, we have to take into account that this was his first European race, he only made one race in Carole last year. He still has a lot to learn”.

Third position for the finnish Mtr KTM Toni Klem. He was really satisfied, this is his first year in Ktm and he has been practicing for only two weeks.

Fourth position for Shr TM Mitchell Thomas Malachy, who has been fighting for almost all the 30 minutes, but then he crash during the last lap. He will be able to fight for the podium tomorrow.

The last in the top 5 is his teammate Sami Salstola, who passed from Honda to TM and he feels very comfortable with his new bike.

ES2 Qualifying Race top ten: 1. Devon Vermeulen (NED-Ktm) 0:59.946; 2. Frederic Guerin (FRA-Suzuki) 0:59.993; 3. Toni Klem (FIN-Ktm) 1:00.017; 4. Malachi Mitchell Thomas (GBR-TM) 1:00.129; 5. Sami Salstola (FIN-TM) 1:00.970; 6. Lorenzo Lapini (ITA-Honda) 1:01.008; 7. Jaimie Van Sikkelerus (NED-Ktm) 1:01.203; 8. Vladimiro Leone (ITA-Honda) 1:01.294; 9. Asseri Kingelin (FIN-Honda) 1:01.304; 10. Bradley O’Leary (GBR-Honda) 1:01.477.

Complete results available at here
Photos of the whole Grand Prix are available at here


Circuit length: 1630 mt (1330 mt Tarmac 300 mt Off-Road)

Temperature: 20°

Weather conditions: Rainy

The Grand Prix will be broadcasted delayed and byclickinghere you will obtainthe full schedule and coverage


Sunday: ES2 Warm Up 10.00; S1GP Warm Up 10.30; ES2 Race1 12.00; S1GP Race 1 14.00; ES2 Race2 15.20; ES2 Prize-giving Ceremony;S1GP Race2 16.20; S1GP Prize-giving Ceremony

In the photo: Ivan Lazzarini during Time Practice






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