6 Oct

PORTIMAO (Portugal) October 6, 2012 – The seventh edition of the FIM Supermoto of Nations begins today on the International Circuit of Algarve, a team race where the riders compete for their own Nations.
Portugal has already welcomed FIM Supermoto World Championship, but it's the first time that this country hosts the Supermoto of Nations.

Having the best riders is not enough for a team to win the Supermoto of Nations, the strategy that the team develops during the race is also very important. That is what the Czech Republic team has managed to have today thanks to the results gained in the qualifications by the three riders Tomas Travnicek (Honda), Pavel Kejmar (Ktm) e Petr Vorlicek (TM), with numerous supporter gathered here today also thanks to the wonderful and sunny day.
The Czech Republic has begun this SMoN with the third position of Travnicek in the qualifying race group one and with the two victories of Pavel Kejmar (Ktm) e Petr Vorlicek (TM) in the remaining two qualifying races. These three riders will try to win the Francesco Zerbi Thropy for the first time ever.

Second position tomorrow for Italy - twice champion in 2006 and 2008 - which has obtained three second positions in the qualification races of today thanks to Ivan Lazzarini (Honda), Christian Ravaglia (Ktm) e Massimo Beltrami (Honda).

Third position for France - three times champion in 2007, 2010 and 2011 - whose riders have obtained a victory, the SM World Champion Thomas Chareyre (TM) a fifth position, Sylvain Bidart (Honda) a third position, Aurelien Grelier (Yamaha) in the three races of today.

Fourth position for Austria with its riders Hannes Maier (Ktm), Rudolf Bauer (Yamaha) and Lukas Höllbacher (Ktm).

In the top five for today also Finnland with Asseri Kingelin (Honda), Ville Jauhiainen (KTM) and Klem Toni (Husqvarna).

A program full of event is expecting us tomorrow for the final races of the 2012 SMoN with the opening ceremony and the presentation of the teams starting at 11:30 am.

RACE GROUP 1: The brand new World Champion Thomas Chareyre (TM) takes the holeshot in the first qualifying race preceding the nine times Italian Champion, the Italian Ivan Lazzarini (Honda), thus starting the competition between the two favorites Nations: France and Italy.
The French has leaded the race with his best lap 1’25.739, while Lazzarini took the second position. Third position for the Czech Champion Tomas Travnicek (Honda) who has maintained this position for the whole race and has increased the possibilities for his team to win.
Fourth position for the British Matthew Winstanley (TM), followed by the Austrian Hannes Maier (Ktm). Thirteen position for the Portuguese André Carvalho (Yamaha).

QUALIFYING RACE GROUP 1 (TOP TEN): 1. Thomas Chareyre (FRA-TM) 20:22.777; 2. Ivan Lazzarini (ITA-Honda) +0:10.539; 3. Tomas Travnicek (CZE-Honda) +0:12.442; 4. Matthew Winstanley (GBR-TM) +0:29.496; 5. Hannes Maier (AUT-KTM) +0:35.864; 6. Francesc Cucharrera (ESP-KTM) +0:42.959; 7. Devon Vermeulen (NED-KTM) +0:57.692; 8. Daniel Casoli (LUX-Honda) +1:02.468; 9. Lucas Berthoux (FRA-J-Yamaha) +1:06.243; 10. Ben Robb (GBR-J-KTM) +1:12.230.

RACE GROUP 2: Pavel Kejmar (Ktm) has leaded this second group race from the begin. The young Czech rider has tried to secure his first position by leaving all other riders behind obtaining his best lap with 1’27.387. The Italian Christian Ravaglia (Ktm) has followed the Czech rider the whole race trying on his side to leave the Finnish Asseri Kingelin (Honda) behind him in his third position. Fourth position for the Austrian Rudolf Bauer (Yamaha) who has crossed the Dutchman Maik Voorwinden (KTM). Fifth position for the French Sylvain Bidart (Honda) who gains a lot of positions from his eleventh at the start.
Eleventh position for the Portuguese Andre Leite (KTM).

QUALIFYING RACE GROUP 2 (TOP TEN) 1. Pavel Kejmar (CZE-KTM) 20:38.248; 2. Christian Ravaglia (ITA-KTM) +0:09.992; 3. Asseri Kingelin (FIN-Honda) +0:12.574; 4. Rudolf Bauer (AUT-Yamaha) +0:12.824; 5. Sylvain Bidart (FRA-Honda) +0:14.645; 6. Malachi Mitchell-Thomas (GBR-J-TM) +0:22.625; 7. Maik Voorwinden (NED-KTM) +0:28.425; 8. Jordan Collard (LUX-Honda) +0:38.625; 9. Chris Hodgson (GBR-KTM) +0:40.162; 10. Maxime Lacour (FRA-J-Yamaha) +0:49.619.

RACE GROUP 3: The European Supermoto Champion Petr Vorlicek (TM) leads the race from the beginning, followed by the Italian Massimo Beltrami (Honda) and the young French Vincenot-Marchal Germain (Honda). The Czech rider, well aware that his result would be very important for his team, speeds up and after 14 laps he wins the race. He is followed by Massimo Beltrami, who has maintained his position during the whole race and with his best lap 1’26.419 has lead the Italian team to a second position for tomorrow. Third position in the race for the French Aurelien Grelier (Honda) who remains third for the whole race and leads his team to one of the best results of the day. Fourth position for the Austrian Lukas Hollbacher (Ktm) who started his race being fifth. Last position for the top five for the Finnish Jauhiainen Ville (Ktm) who has bettered his positioning during the race. Eleventh position for the Portuguese Nuno Pinto (Honda).

QUALIFYING RACE GROUP 3 (TOP TEN): 1. Petr Vorlicek (CZE-TM) 20:23.860; 2. Massimo Beltrami (ITA-Honda) +0:01.578; 3. Aurelien Grelier (FRA-Honda) +0:32.570; 4. Lukas Höllbacher (AUT-KTM) +0:37.151; 5. Ville Jauhiainen (FIN-KTM) +0:37.708; 6. Germain Vincenot - Marchal (FRA-J-Honda) +0:43.178; 7. James Addy (GBR-Honda) +0:49.150; 8. Alejandro Jover (ESP-Kawasaki) +0:54.943; 9. Jaimie van Sikkelerus (NED-KTM) +0:56.407; 10. Lewis Cornish (GBR-J-Honda) +1:19.239.

TEAMS QUALIFYING TOP TEN: 1 Czech Republic, 2 Italy, 3 France, 4 Austria, 5 Finland, 6 Great Britain, 7 Netherlands , 8 Spain, 9 France Junior, 10 Great Britain Junior

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Circuit length:1740 mt (1580 mt asphalt, 160 mt offroad)

Temperature: 27°

Weather condition: Sunny

2012 FIM SMoN will be broadcasted delayed, click here to see full schedule and coverage on line
Sunday: SMoN Qualified Teams 1 Warm Up 10:00; SMoN Qualified Teams 2 Warm Up 10:30; SMoN Race 1 (Rider 1+ Rider 2) 13:00; SMoN Race 2 (Rider 2 + Rider 3) 14:40; SMoN Race 3 (Rider 1+ Rider 3) 16:20.

In the photo: Start of the Qualifying Race Group 3



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