22 Sep

CAROLE (France) 22 September 2012 – Today's the first day of the last and decisive GP of FIM Supermoto World Championship 2012 held in Carole, 10 km far from Paris, under a slight cloudy sky. A lot of people has come to witness the qualifications of today, among them the French actor and businessman Gerard Depardieu, who's presence couldn't pass unnoticed. Numerous were also Media and tvs, like the local tv France 3.

The circuit of Carole hosts the Supermoto World Championship for the first time and has been totally renewed for this occasion.

Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing), leader of the standings, gains the pole position of the Gan Prix of France for the first time this season. A predictable result, having seen all the support he has received by being at home. Thomas, World Champion 2010 and second place in 2011 after his brother Adrien, has started this GP carefully studying the circuit and waiting for the right moment to speed up, gaining his best timing in the last minutes with the best lap time 1'33.749. It was enough to win the pole over Hermunen (TM SHR), who until then was at the leadership of the group. Third position after the Finnish Mauno Hermunen is Adrien Chareyre, with Hermunen finding himself between the two French brothers, who tomorrow will try not to disappoint the crowd supporting them.

The group of riders fighting for the top positions are right behind them. For the top ten: the Czech Pavel Kejmar (KTM Bauerschmidt), the Italians Max Verderosa (Honda HBV), Ivan Lazzarini (Honda HM Racing) and Teo Monticelli (Honda Freccia), the Spanish Francesc Cucharrera (KTM), the Czech - European Champion 2012 - Petr Vorlicek (TM Shr) and the British Matthew Winstanley (TM SHR).

In the last positions is the Italian Christian Ravaglia (KTM Miglio), who has stayed for almost all session in the group of the best riders.

S1 Qualifying Race Top Ten: 1. Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) 1:33.749; 2. Mauno Hermunen (TM SHR) +0:00.458; 3. Adrien Chareyre (Aprilia Fast Wheels) +0:00.848; 4. Pavel Kejmar (KTM Bauerschmidt) +0:01.178; 5. Max Verderosa (Honda HBV) +0:01.698; 6. Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing) +0:01.699; 7. Teo Monticelli (Honda Freccia) +0:01.728; 8. Francesc Cucharrera (KTM) +0:01.841; 9. Petr Vorlicek (TM SHR) +0:01.909; 10. Matthew Winstanley (TM SHR) +0:02.048.

Complete results available at

Circuit length: 2215 mt (1915 mt asphalt, 300 mt offraod)

Temperature: 20°

Weather condition: Changeable

Sunday: S2 ECSM Warm Up 09:00; S1GP Warm Up 09:30 (until 9:50, then followed by Superpole); S2 ECSM Race 1 11:00; S1GP Race 1 11:50; S2 ECSM Race 2 13:15; S1GP Race 2 14:15; S2 ECSM Race 3 15:15; S1GP Race 3 16:15.

This GP will be broadcasted delayed, click here to see full schedule and coverage on line
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