22 Sep

Carole - (France) 22 September 2012 – Today's the first day of the last and decisive round of the UEM S2 Supermoto European Championship 2012 held in Carole, 10 km far from Paris, under a slight cloudy sky. A lot of people has come to witness the qualifications of today, among them the French actor and businessman Gerard Depardieu, who's presence couldn't pass unnoticed.

The circuit of Carole, built on a project of the Île-de-France region and opened in 1979, has been totally renewed in accordance to the last safety and security regulations and is now ready to welcome this important race.

After having won the Title of Supermoto European Champion in the former round held in Lignières, the Czech Petr Vorlicek (TM-Shr) preferred to took the opportunity to compete in the S1 class.

Without him, who took the leadership of all the last five Time Practices, the Finnish Devon Vermeulen (KTM-Ktm Motoracing) has shown his determination, he was indeed the one who during the season has gained three partial victories over the Czech Champion. The Pole position of Vermeulen was not a surprise then, he has sped up just from the beginning of these qualifications, improving his timing in two occasions and mainly in the last minutes. With his timing - 1’36.452 - he takes the lead of the group, just before the French Frederic Guerin (SUZUKI) and Thomas Gory (SUZUKI-Suzuki Valenti Lux Performances), the Italian Diego Monticelli (HONDA- Freccia), the Spanish Joan Llados (APRILIA- Fast Wheels), the German Jan Deitenbach (SUZUKI)) and the British Mitchell-Thomas Malachi(TM-Shr).

Not at his best was the Finnish Sami Salstola (Honda-Shr) - third position in the standings - who has arrived eighth and will have to fight his way to the second position in the Championship. The last two for the top ten were the Italian Mattia Martella (KTM-Ktm Motoracing) and the Belgian Arnaud Wauters ( KTM-Jm Racing Team).

S2 Qualifying Race Top Ten: 1. Devon Vermeulen (KTM-Ktm Motoracing Team), 1:36.452; 2. Frederic Guerin (SUZUKI), +0:00.745; 3. Thomas Gory (SUZUKI-Suzuki Valenti Lux Performance), +0:00.771; 4. Diego Monticelli (HONDA-Freccia), +0:00.838; 5. Joan Llados ( APRILIA-Fast Wheels Aprilia), +0:00.913; 6. Jan Deitenbach (SUZUKI), +0:01.150; 7. Malachi Mitchell-Thomas (TM-Shr), +0:01.166; 8. Sami Salstola (HONDA-Shr), +0:01.545; 9. Mattia Martella (KTM-Ktm Motoracing Team), +0:01.733; 10. Arnaud Wauters (KTM-Jm Racing Team),+0:01.852

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Circuit length: 2215 mt (1915 mt asphalt, 300 mt offraod)

Temperature: 20°

Weather condition: Changeable

Sunday: S2 ECSM Warm Up 09:00; S1GP Warm Up 09:30 (until 9:50, then followed by Superpole); S2 ECSM Race 1 11:00; S1GP Race 1 11:50; S2 ECSM Race 2 13:15; S1GP Race 2 14:15; S2 ECSM Race 3 15:15; S1GP Race 3 16:15.

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In the photo: D. Vermeulen

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