20 Sep

CAROLE (France) 20 September 2012 - After a break of almost one month the FIM Supermoto World Championship is getting to the end of the season and this week-end it will be celebrated the ultimate GP of the year in France, for the first time on the Circuit of Carole, located in Seine-Saint-Denis only a few kilometers far from the capital Paris.

To host the FIM Supermoto Grand Prix of France on 22 and 23 September , Carole circuit has been completely renovated.

Also last season the final GP was held in France, but in Cahors at the end of October, where Adrien Chareyre won his SM World fourth Title, Thomas Chareyre finished second in the Championship due at his shoulder injury and Ivan Lazzarini finished third both in GP and in Overall classification.

Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) is still at the top of the standings, with his confortable advantage of 20 points ahead of Mauno Hermunen and 60 over his brother Adrien. The french rider , who left Switzerland with a second place, is now ready to take his revenge from last season supported by his homemade crowd.

Mauno Hermunen (TM Shr) second in the Overall, for the first time in this season won all the three races in Lignieres, leaving the two French brothers behind. Difficult times await the Finnish rider who will have just one possibility to grab the title and win over Thomas.

Third place for Adrien Chareyre (APRILIA Fast Wheels), the defending World Champion moved up one position in the point standings of the Championship after his third place in the last GP, and now he is just two points ahead the italian Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing) who already won the 2012 Italian Supermoto Championship, both of them have to fight to conquer at least the third place in the Standings.

In fifth position the cop Christian Ravaglia (KTM Miglio) followed by the English Matthew Winstanley (TM Shr), the Top Ten is closed by the Czech Keymar Pavel (KTM Bauershmidt) who had a good race one in Switzerland, the Italian Elia Sammartin (SUZUKI Pergetti Racing Team) and his compatriots Max Verderosa (HONDA Hbv) and 2011 European Champion Teo Monticelli (HONDA Freccia Team).
In the photo: S1 start in Lignieres, Switzerland

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