20 Sep

CAROLE (FRANCE) 20 September 2012 – After the Switzerland round who took place almost one month ago the UEM S2 Supermoto European Championship reaches the last part of the season and travels to France to celebrate the sixth and final round for the first time on the Circuit of Carole, located in Seine-Saint-Denis only a few kilometers far from the capital.

Petr Vorlicek (TM Shr) already won in Switzerland 2012 UEM S2 Supermoto European Championship Title with still one round to go . A very good season for the Czech rider who won all the Rounds missing the podium only in the first Round in Italy due to bad weather conditions. The fastest S2 rider winner also of the 2007 Open class Title changed his team this season: “ I want to thanks my team, I’m very happy for this goal” said the undefeated leader of the Championship after the podium of the last race. In Carole Vorlicek will change the class and take part in S1.

Second position in the standings for the Dutchman Devon Vermeulen (KTM Motoracing) that with the absence of the leader Vorlicek will have a good change to win the last race of the season.

With 254 points in third position we find the Finnish Sami Salstola (HONDA Shr) one of the most regular rider this season.
The fourth position in the Championship is now for the Italian Mattia Martella (KTM Motoracing Team) followed by his compatriot Edgardo Borella (YAMAHA Extreme Team) and Diego Moticelli (HONDA Freccia).

Close the top then standings the British Addy James (HONDA Shr), Andrea Moschini (KAWASAKI Ignorant Racing Team), Chris Hogston (KTM) and Jan Deitenbach (SUZUKI).
In the photo: S2 class Champion P. Vorlicek

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