13 Aug

LIGNIERES - (Switzerland) 13 August 2012 – After one month break the UEM S2 Supermoto Championship will be back in action this weekend in Lignieres, one of the calendar's news additions, to celebrate the fifth and second last Round of this season.
Strong leader in S2 is the Czech Petr Vorlicek (HONDA Shr), he missed the podium only in Ottobiano at the beginning of the 2012 season, who left Croatia with a brilliant performance winning three races out on three and now has a large of 87 points over Devon Vermeulen.
Vermeulen owes is second position in the European standing to his regularity , indeed till now he only won the first round in Italy and now he must will defend himself from Sami Salstola who has only 2 points less than him.
The finnish rider has been on the podium in two occasions with an third and a second place.
The fourth positions of the Championship is now for the Italian Edgardo Borella (YAMAHA Extreme Team) who gained the podium in his homeland: Ottobiano and Palermo.
The fifth position for now is for Mattia Martella (KTM Motoracing) followed by the countryman Diego Monticelli (HONDA Freccia), the English James Addy (KTM), the Austrian Lukas Hollbacher (KTM) , Malachi Mitchell-Thomas (HONDA Shr) and Chris Hodgston (KTM Skyzone)
During the Switzerland round of the European Championship it will also take place the fifth round of the Young Trophy where Lukas Hollbacher (KTM), Sami Salstola (HONDA-Shr) and Devon Vermeulen (KTM Motoracing ) have to fight to get points for the Title.

In the photo: S2 podium in Croatia

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