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Pleven (Bulgaria) June 24, 2012 - The Round of Bulgaria has began yesterday with a sunny and hot weather. Today the “Dolna Mitropolia” circuit wakes up with rain and lower temperatures, but this didn't discourage the numerous audience who wanted to watch this third Round of the S2 European Championship 2012, after the first two rounds held in Italy on 15th April in Ottobiano and on the 27th May in Palermo. The international circuit of Pleven, witnesses a great show, with the Czech Petr Vorlicek on his Honda SHR Team outstanding leader of the Supermoto European Championship 2012 for the second time this year. Vorlicek did'nt win all the three races as he did in Palermo, but he has shown to be ready to become the European Champion, just like he did in 2007.
Honor position on the podium for the Italian Mattia Martella (Ktm Motoracing), another main character of this Championship who has gained three second places in the races of today, after his good timing of yesterday.
Good positioning for the Finnish Sami Salstola (Honda SHR), who has gained the third position on the podium with his third positioning as better result in the races of today.
Fourth position for the Italian Diego Monticelli (Honda Freccia) and right after him the Dutchman Devon Vermeulen (Ktm Motoracing), who in the three races of today has arrived third, first and had to finish his race before the last lap due to a technical breakdown. In the top ten we find then - in order - the British James Addy (Ktm), the Turkish Ata Nurcan (Ktm MTR), the Bulgarian Georgiev Alexander (Ktm), the British Mitchell Thomas Malachi (Honda SHR) and Bradley O’Leary (Honda).

S2 1st RACE: The Czech Petr Vorlicek, classification leader, gains the first position at the beginning on his Honda SHR. After him - in order - the British Chris Hodgson (Ktm), the Dutchman Devon Vermeulen (Ktm Motoracing), the Italian Mattia Martella (Ktm Motoracing), the Bulgarian Alexander Giorgiev (Ktm). After three laps Hodgson becomes leader of the race and so he remains for two laps, when he slides down and is forced to end his race. Vorlicek takes advantage of this and leads the race until the end, winning after two laps. Behind him Martella and Vermeulen, then the British James Addy (Ktm), the Turkish Ata Nurcan (Ktm), the Bulgarian Alexander Georgiev, the Italian Diego Monticelli (Honda), the Finnish Salstola (Honda) and the other British Mitchell Thomas Malachi (Honda) and Bradley O’Leary (Honda).

S2 2nd RACE: The Dutchman Devon Vermeulen (Ktm Motoracing) begins the race with a first position, behind him the winner of the first race Petr Vorlicek (Honda SHR) and Mattia Martella (Ktm Motoracing) as third. After them the Italian Diego Monticelli (Honda Freccia), the French Mitchell Thomas Malachi (Honda), the Bulgarian Georgiev Alexander (Ktm). Vermeulen ends the race in the winning position after 20 laps, behind him Mattia Martella e Petr Vorlicek, who loses some positions and ends up third. After them - in order for the top ten - Malachi, Monticelli, Hodgson, Georgiev, Salstola, O’Leary, Addy.

S2 3rd RACE: It's him, Petr Vorlicek (Honda SHR), who gains his first position at the end of the first lap, behind him Mitchell Malachi (Honda), Devon Vermeulen (Ktm Motoracing), Mattia Martella (Ktm Motoracing), Chris Hodgson (Ktm), Sami Salstola (Honda SHR), Ata Nurcan Ismail (Ktm Motoracing), Marco Dondi (TM), James Addy (Ktm), Lorenzo Lapini.
Vorlicek is determined to arrive first and there he ends up after being leader of the race for 12 laps, thus gaining his second victory of the day but above all winning the GP of Bulgaria.
Behind him the Italian Mattia Martella who has demonstrated to be in line with the best riders and to aspire to the final victory. Third position in race and in the classifications of this day for the Finnish Salstola, who arrives before Nurcan, after them the Italian Marco Dondi, who gains with this fifth position of today the best seasonal result. Sixth position for Diego Monticelli, after him James Addy, Jan Deitenbach, Lorenzo Lapini and Georgi Gochev.

S2 Championship Classification (Top Ten):1. Petr Vorlicek (CZE-Honda) 212; 2. Devon Vermeulen (NED-KTM) 144; 3. Sami Salstola (FIN –Honda) 138; 4. Mattia Martella (ITA-Ktm) 127; 5. Diego Monticelli (ITA-Honda) 125; 6. Edgardo Borella (ITA-Yamaha) 118; 7. Mitchell Malachi (GBR-Honda) 91; 8. Domenico Ricchiari (ITA-Yamaha) 83; 9. Chris Hodgson (GBR-Ktm) 75; 10. James Addy (GBR-Ktm) 75.

S2 Overall Classification (Top Ten):1. Petr Vorlicek (CZE-Honda) 70 ; 2. Mattia Martella (ITA-KTM) 66; 3. Sami Salstola (FIN-Honda) 46; 4. Diego Monticelli (ITA-Honda) 45; 5. Devon Vermeulen (NED-KTM) 45; 6. James Addy (GBR-KTM) 43; 7. Ata Nurcan (TUR-KTM) 42; 8.Alexander Georgiev (BUL-KTM) 38; 9. Mitchell Thomas Malachi (GBR-Honda) 35 10. Bradley O'Leary (GBR-Honda) 29.

S2 Manifacturers Classification: 1. Honda; 214; 2. KTM 187; 3. Yamaha 118; 4. Suzuki 83; 5. TM 78; 6. Kawasaki 69; 7. Aprilia 25.

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Quick Facts:

Circuit length:1720 mt (1204 mt slide, 516 mt sky section)

Temperature: 26 °

Weather conditions: changeable

Crowd attendance: 4.500

As the whole 2012 UEM Supermoto European Championship this Round will be broadcasted delayed, CLICK HERE to see full schedule and coverage online.

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Next Round: Rijeka, Croatia during the 8th July weekend.

In the photo: the winner P. Vorlicek

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