22 May

Turin (Italy) May 22, 2012 – In Palermo, the assembling of the circuit for the Grand Prix of Sicily Supermoto, scheduled on 26 and 27 May and valid as the second round of the World Championship of the specialty has already begun. The track will come from a wide area on the old airport Boccadifalco of the Sicilian capital, and will have a total length of 1,500 meters where, in the most spectacular points, will be staged large tribuns for the public, from which it will be possible to follow easily each step of the race.

Sicily is not new to Supermoto, it comes back for the third consecutive time after the spectacular trials hosted by the beautiful circuit of Triscina.

In Palermo there will be a rich plateau of events on the track, a real "three days" full of spectacular events with world and european races and elite entertainment with performances by freestyle and stunts.

The formula 1 of the sideslip, will arrive on the beautiful island after the opening test, held in mid-April in Ottobiano, in Pavia, which revealed the name of french Thomas Chareyre (TM Racing Team), second in 2011 world championship behind his brother Adrien (Aprilia Fast Wheels). The transalpine went 1-2-2 in the first round in Ottobiano.

The 2010 World Champion will have to contend with one of the most aggressive pursuers, Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing) who is second in the Championship,whileto follow the couple of head in classification is the cop from Bologna Christian Ravaglia (Team KTM Miglio) .

First rider off the podium is the strong Finnish rider Mauno Hermunen (TM Team SHR), winner of two heats in Lombardy but surely man to beat after he had demonstrated his amazing preparation even in the International Series, in which challenge he is the leader in International Ranking thanks to two sensational claims.

In the standing he is followed by other cop from Bologna - Massimo Beltrami (Honda Faor TDS), the Britain Matthew Winstanley (TM), Andrea Occhini (Honda Red Foxes) from Lodi, Adrien Chareyre and Elia Sammartin (Suzuki Pergetti) from Vicenza.

In Palermo, the Supermoto European Championship will be hosted as in Ottobiano, where the victory went to the strong Dutch rider Devon Vermeulen (Team Motoracing KTM), who went 1-2-1 Runner up was the Czech Petr Vorlí?ek (Honda SHR) winner of race-2. Third place on the podium went to Edgardo Borella from Piacenza (Yamaha Racing Icomoto V2) who finished 4-4-5.
The ranking order continues with the UK Chris Hodgson (KTM), the Finnish Sami Salstola (Honda), the Austrian Lukas Hollbacher (KTM), and the Italians Domenico Ricchiari (Yamaha), Diego Monticelli (Honda), Yuri Guardalà (Yamaha), Thomas Gory (Suzuki), Andrea Moschini (Kawasaki).

During the two days it will also be organized the "Goldentyre Supermoto Trophy" with important awards offered to fastest riders by Goldentyre. It will be an important opportunity for these riders to show their capacity in front f the world.

The event is organized by Youthstream Events, in cooperation with Moto Club Dream Team, FMI and FIM. Sicily Region and the Municipality of Palermo participate with a precious collaborative help.

S1 PROVISIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP (TOP TEN):1. Chareyre Thomas FRA TM 25-22-22 69; 2. Lazzarini Ivan FMI Honda 22-20-16 58; 3. Ravaglia Christian ITA KTM 15-18-20 53; 4. Hermunen Mauno FIN TM 0-25-25 50; 5. Beltrami Massimo ITA Honda 20-16-14 50; 6. Winstanley Matthew GBR TM 14-15-18 47; 7. Occhini Andrea ITA Honda 16-14-12 42; 8. Chareyre Adrien FRA Aprilia 18-13-11 42; 9. Voorwinden Maik NED KTM 13-11-15 39; 10. Sammartin Elia ITA Suzuki 10-10-10 30.

UEM SM PROVISIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP (TOP TEN):1. Vermeulen Devon NED 72 25-22-25; 2. Vorlicek Petr CZE 67 20-25-22; 3. Borella Edgardo ITA 52 18-18-16; 4. Salstola Sami FIN 50 22-20-8; 5. Hodgson Chris GBR 50 14-16-20; 6. Höllbacher Lukas AUT 46 16-12-18; 7. Eriksson F. SWE 41 11-15-15; 8. Ricchiari Domenico ITA 40 13-14-13; 9. Monticelli Diego ITA 29 2-13-14; 10. Guardala Yuri ITA 27 9-11-7.

In the photo: Umbrella girls in the starting area

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